MAC Playland's Lots of Laughs Tinted Lipglass

My natural lips

It's been ages since any MAC collection intrigued me and to be honest, Playland wasn't that different. But a few weeks ago, I had popped into my local MAC to check out the Lipglass in Underage for a sheer nude lipgloss. While I liked it, I was looking for something pinker. So imagine my delight when Playland released Lots of Laughs, and I was gifted a MAC gift card by my future sister-in-law for my birthday.. you can put 2 and 2 together ;)

The Lipglasses get bad press for being gloopy and thick, but I don't think they deserve it. Yes, they're thick but that means their longevity is off the charts for a lipgloss. As for gloopy.. well, I'm either completely out of tune with gloopiness ratings, or those people are applying way too much.

Something else I've noticed is how they don't dry out my lips. I'm not sure if it's the jojoba oil in their formula, or if the thickness just kinda protects them from the elements, but this is definitely a plus in my books - it's ridiculous how many lip products actually dry out your lips with continuous use.

As much as my love for Chanel lipglosses continues, I do prefer smaller packaging and MAC's fit the bill - I'm always afraid a long applicator will make me underestimate how close my face is to the applicator.. yes, I'm the kind of person that lipgloss-on-nose incidents happen to. MAC also has a doe-foot applicator - Dior's brush applicator has put me off a purchase for years now. The only thing I was a bit disappointed about was how quickly the MAC logo rubbed off of the side.

I suppose what's really got me addicted to this Lip Glass is its pigment. You can see above how warm and pigmented my lips are - and this was on a good day. But Lots of Laughs seems to not only cover up the redness, but still remain pink enough (and not turn milky white.. eugh) to give me some no-brainer, goes with anything, juicy baby pink lips - if I say so myself.

For the summer, I'm almost always a lip gloss gal. I love that you can usually apply it without a mirror, you can kind of see the lips through the product, and I love that it's so glossy and fresh.. very in keeping with summer's carefree image (which I realise doesn't always turn out to be the case, but pretty make up always helps..).

You can get MAC Lots of Laughs for £14 at Debenhams.



  1. This looks lovely. I've never tried any of Macs Lipglasses - or eyeshadows to be fair... Call myself a beauty blogger?!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x


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