Review: Bioderma Sensibio AR BB Cream (with Before & After Photos)


Left: No BB Cream; Right: BB Cream


My blogging mojo super-activated when I started using this product and you guys probably noticed - I haven't stopped banging on about it. So it's really only right that I gave it a full review.

I love this tube thing that Bioderma has going on, because it's flat. Bobbi Brown do the same thing and it just makes a tube a little bit cooler.. I know, it makes no sense.

The squeezy tube isn't the classiest, most vanity-displayable of products but it's a oldie and a goodie - because you can get every last drop out.

What I haven't told you about the photographs above is that these were after a post-run shower. I'm not sure what goes on in my body, but running and exercise turns me into a tomato (it's almost like being a werewolf on a full moon..). I've kept my hair wet throughout the photos to show that it's not like I sat there and my redness went down - these photos are like 5 second (okay maybe more) intervals. And I hope you appreciate my 2008 Backstreet Boys concert t-shirt.. damn, I'm old.

You can see for yourselves above that Bioderma meant it when they said Anti-Redness. For acne scar sufferers and half-blood tomato-ites alike, this AR BB Cream delivers when you're talking coverage.

The words "soft cream" comes to mind because this product is just sooo smooth and creamy, and applies beautifully onto the skin. It's so blendable and it has a nice semi-matte, skin-like finish. It also doesn't fare too badly above dry spots despite its coverage and weight. Speaking of weight, it's not completely undetectable, but it's not what I'd call heavy either.

The longevity is decent as well, and lasts throughout the day with a nice finishing powder on top. No complaints there.

My only niggle is with shade. My shade is in Clair Light, and from what I understand, this is the only shade available and I'm around a NC25/30. Bioderma claim that the AR BB Cream has shade-adjusting technology but I'm yet to come across a product that claims that and actually delivers. Perhaps I'll commandeer a paler friend and see what happens.

And it also has SPF 30. Winning.

You can get the Bioderma Sensibio AR BB Cream for £14.50 from John Bell Croyden, but it's now on sale at Escentual for £9.66.



  1. Yu those results are amazing! I have a big problem with redness too, so I certainly need to be getting this!

    Gem xx

    flutter and sparkle - UK beauty and lifestyle blog

    1. You should definitely try it out! I think the 30% off at Escentual ends today :)

  2. i wish they would make a Hydrabio bb cream that would be amazing


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