Yu's Guide to Simple Festive Attempts

At the moment it's 5PM on the 23rd of December, and as my dad has been repeatedly complaining about, Tokyo's Christmas spirit has lost it's appreciation in Christmas music and it is quite difficult to get in the mood (especially when I know most of my friends in the UK are going to have a White Christmas and it's bloody 12C here still!).

So I've made little attempts to get into the spirit, and I'm not a very complicated person, so I thought I'd show two things that I've done that anyone else could do, to get into the festive mood :)

Firstly, jewelry!
 This somewhat obscene earring is from Claire's and retails at £3, and it's also a part of the 3 for 2 deal that they have. Right up my street - nothing serious, something colourful and kinda cheeky. I saw this pair last year early December, mistakenly put them in a bag that I threw away, and spent Christmas without them. This year, I went back in hopes of Claire's having them again and they did! Snatched them up - they will be my Christmas earrings for a very long time :)

My second attempt was with my nails..
 (L to R: Glittery Red, 17 Nail Polish; Pearl Green, Barry M Emerald Green 284, Taupe/Gold, 17 Nail Polish.)

So sorry I can't tell you the exact colours of the 17 Nail Polishes as the names are on the back of the 17 Nail Library that I left in England, but I don't think any of them are limited edition (Thank you to my bf's parents for getting the set for me :)!) All these polishes are brilliant quality - I've had these on for about 3 days now, no top coat, and I've done loads of washing and other things.

I could probably do all the little Santa drawings and whatnot on my nails, cuz I do have the hand-eye coordination.. but I lack the patience of waiting for it to dry. So I thought this would be the best way to go for me :)

So yes.. simple but very effective. My mom has finally put my gift under the tree - she had waited until today because she didn't trust that I wouldn't open it before Christmas day. Lame, but probably a good idea.

What have you been doing to get in the festive mood? :)



  1. I haven't done anything to get into the festive mood ... yet. I plan to.

    I love your jewelry and ESPECIALLY your nails. The color is so clear and pure and beautiful. It's really special!

    Best wishes,


  2. I was about to say I haven't really done anything but that would be a lie lol I've been blaring out Christmas tunes since before it even turned December. And wearing more glitter than usual.

    HAVE to get my hands on some Christmassy earrings though, I always wanted a pair that lit up! Might even go down to Claire's this afternoon...
    Have an amazing Christmas lovely - I'm so jealous it's gonna be Christmas day for you before it is here lol xx

  3. Aah I love the earrings! It's cute how your nails kinda match the earrings :)
    I haven't really done anything to get into the festive mood but I might wrap some presents today and maybe bake some cookies lol

  4. @Zabrinah & GABY - Thank you! :)

    @Rachel - I've never seen a pair that light up! Have you gotten your hands on them? Haha I know, but my parents dont open gifts til the evening so it's pretty much like England's morning anyway.. lol.

    @Mandy - I should bake cookies.. hahaha :) Have fun with your cousin! :)

  5. the nails are such a cute idea and totally love ur earrings!


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