My First NARS Purchase - Blush in Sin!

Hey beauty-bloggers and beauty-blogger readers,

I have made my first NARS purchase!

Yes, I was very very excited. My MAC hype is officially over, and my whole philosophy after turning 20 has come true - invest only in things you need. The keyword is 'invest', meaning, you get what you put in :) Thus my recent exploits into higher-end brands. This philosophy will be more apparent in my next post.. (Boy have I got loads planned for you guys! :) )

Anyway, I went in looking for a blog (EDIT: LOL. I'm keeping that there cuz that is hilarious. I meant to say 'blush'), and was interested in Deep Throat, Oasis, Madly and Sin. I ended up with the latter, which looks like this:

I was out on a hunt for a second 'reach-for' blush and a change from MAC's Style, and I got exactly that. Sin is more of a dirty/plummy pink with gold undertones. Oasis was similar, just a bit redder, and fit the winter-ey and feminine look I was searching for, but it had chunkier glitter like in Orgasm, which put me off completely even if that red-ness might have made it seem more wearable than Sin. Deep Throat was quite similar to my MAC Style, and while Madly was a close second, it was something that I didn't have to get now, and can see myself getting nearer to the summertime.

Here is a swatch of Sin on my finger:


As you can see, it's a lot less scarier swatched than in the pan.

The SA was absolutely lovely, and used NARS's concealer and Sheer Glow on me - the former of which I am lusting after, after I finish my Maybelline Dream Mousse concealer. She did cake it on a bit for my liking, as she used Nico to blend out Sin! But I applied it myself today and absolutely fell in love:

I love it because it is suited for winter, it's very feminine and suits a lot of the cool-toned colours I wear, and it also gives you a bit of a shading effect. My MAC Creme Colour Base in Hush looks EXCELLENT with this so I am double happy with my first ever NARS purchase! :) (Also, meet my new best friend on my neck ;) Thank you Ben! <3)

I know a lot of you who voted on my poll said you would like Reviews, so I'm really sorry for bombarding you with hauls. But I have taken a step towards fulfilling your requests, and am embarking on a Project 15 Pan starting New Year's Day.. and I'll tell you more in the next post :)

Until then, what are your favourite NARS products?! :)



  1. I'm thinking like that as well! I've spent so much on cosmetics over the past year and really want to try out the premium brands and stick to one, Chanel pretty much does the colours I use all the time anyway. Look forward to your next post ;)


  2. I love the first picture, it's so cute! :)Sin looks gorgeous! From Nars I only have Orgasm and Laguna bronzer but I couldn't pick a favorite between them lol :) I use them both almost everyday.
    Can't wait to hear more on your project pan, I love following those. :)

  3. I haven't tried any Nars products yet and am really keen on the blushes and bronzers. This looks like a great colour, it definitely suits you really well!

  4. Omg that blush looks beautiful on you! I love plum colored blushes, they're so good for winter. I'm glad you got hush to work, it looks great! xx

  5. This looks amazing on you!!! Congrats on your 1st NARS purchase :) xxx

  6. @illustriousloves - I've never really looked at Chanel cuz that one is still a bit out of my price range but I'm glad I'm not the only one starting to branch out more! :)

    @Mandy - Aww thanks! Yeah I remember you have those, do you think you will ever get through them? I feel like these are so pigmented, one will last a life time lol! And yeah my Project 15 Pan, I'm so excited! :)

    @DanniiBeauty - I think they are things that you hear about so much online that you must give them a shot one day :) They really are worth the money if you find the right colour I think! Thank you!

    @Vida - Aww thank you! Yeah I took your advice about patting cuz I used to kinda smear.. LOL! It's a lot less pinker that way, it's weird how that changes everything thank you! :)

    @Sara H. - Thanks lovely! :)

    @Vivianna - Thanks sweetheart! I really did like Madly, I wouldn't have noticed it without your suggestion, and geez you're really good at e-matching colours! So yeah, hopefully during the summer time! :)

  7. Yay for NARS! That is a beautiful blush!!!

  8. I havn't tried any any nars products either, I was always abit sceptical of the price of it and reviews i kept reading saying that their packaging goes gross after a while, which i thought was a bit annoying considering the price your paying for it, other than that, it looks lovely on you (: xx

  9. Awww, the first picture is adorable!

    Sin looks amazing on you! If I'm honest, I have NEVER purchased anything from NARS. I need to start living my life huh? Yes, I agree! :) xxx

  10. @Pammy - Thank you! :) I'm guessing you quite like NARS as well! :)

    @Christina T - Hmm, that's true! Mine hasn't gotten dirty yet so Idk if I could say it was worth the money, but that's definitely a post worth doing I think cuz I seem to be getting comments about the money! :)

    @Brittany - Thanks darling! Hahaha yeah okay, start blaming your spendings on me, that's cool. :P

  11. The blush is soo pretty on you!!! I LOVE IT!

  12. Your pic convinced me to buy a nars nico. I have a sin/casino duo and I abs love it. Just as you describe the shade they are the same reasons I chose it over the other nars shades. Thanks for the good photo.


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