Superdrug Haul & Christmas Gifts Exchange!

Today I took a day off of working, and went to visit Lisa, who lives in a small town nearby. We started off with exchanging Christmas presents (as we break up for the holidays after this week, and I probably wont go to hers until next term!), and then went shopping (joined by Danni from Frills & Spills!) as well as the pub for some nice good food :)

Here's what I got, both off her and in Superdrug!
 Lisa's Christmas Present:
- Maybelline's MNY My Gloss in.. a really pale colour :)
- Sephora Colorful Palette in Pour des Prunes No.04
- NIVEA Soft mini tub (inside joke..)
- Lebkuchen & a candy cane! :)

Superdrug Haul:
- Collection 2000 Hotlights Lipgloss in Glimmer No. 3 (£4.19) - these have a mirror and a light! :)
- Barry M Nail Paint in No. 284 Emerald Green (£2.99)
- Superdrug Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing Mud Mask (£2.49)
- Superdrug Essential Facial Wipes in Cucumber Fragrance (£0.99)

I have tried both the lipglosses and here they are:
(L: Collection 2000 Hotlights in Glimmer, R: Maybelline MNY My Gloss in a really pale colour :P)

I love both of them! :) Isn't it crazy how they are so different in the tube but so similar on the lips? The Collection 2000 one is darker in real life, but isn't crazy pigmented, but it's a 'my lips but better' shade that I love, with multi-coloured shimmer. MNY is more a less a opaque gloss with pink duo-chrome-y shimmers that tone down my lips - just what I like! :)

Here is my third Barry M Nail Paint - I do like it very much :) I would've called it 'Green with Envy' because this is what I imagine envy looks like.. lol someone shut me up! It was an attempt to get a holiday-y nail varnish, after Danni's lusting after Barry M's red glittery one.

I haven't swatched the Sephora eyeshadow, but it is safely in my 'To-Be-Used' tub (which is basically an empty Flora tub) where all my new items yet to be used temporarily stay :).

As for my mud mask (which was the first thing I grabbed in Superdrug, Idk why but it just caught my eye!), I am looking forward to a nice cuppa tea and a film with this on my face. Lol.



  1. The nail paint looks so christmassy! Is it new cause ive never seen it before?

  2. Great haul! This nail polish is perfect for Christmas (=

  3. Wahoo! The nail varnish really does look ace :) and thanks for the mention - have a good break if I don't see you before then!


  4. Is the Barry M nail varnish new? It's a very pretty colour, may have to purchase :) x

  5. Thanks guys! :)

    @Gaby - Yeah I was hoping it'd have that effect rather than the wicked witch of the west or something like that :P

    @Christina T & Dizzybrunette3 - I'm actually not sure, I've only recently ventured into Barry M land! :)

    @Danni - Of course sweetheart, thanks for having me over today! :)

  6. I love that green nail polish! Very festive! :) Please follow my blog!


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