To Buy or Not To Buy - the Duo Fiber Brush.

I think when you are just getting into make-up, the duo-fiber brush can come across as a bit of a - do I really need it? product, as it's not necessarily a 'classic' brush that you see and recognize everywhere. It's one of those things that you know about if you are actually into make-up.

At least that's the feeling I had at first, and so that's why I decided to make this video to kind of outline why you would get it, and why you wouldn't..

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Here are the main reasons why..
- You have multiple foundations - different foundations need different applicators! :)
- You aren't happy with how your foundation applies at the moment.
- You can get it for really cheap, and so there's not much to lose.. even if you don't like it..
- can use it for powders, blush, highlighter and contour as well.

Here are reasons why you shouldn't..
- You are already happy with how your make-up applies.. basically, lol.

Take a look at my video for more details.. :)

(Great screenshot, I know! :P)

I personally bought one because I heard about the "air-brushed" finish that you can get, and I've never regretted it. It's such a versatile brush that I think no matter what price-range brush you get, it is a good investment. It broadens the potential of your products, and gives them a different finish from another tool that you may already have. I fully recommend it! :)

Here are where you can get some stippling brushes:
- MAC Cosmetics
- Superdrug
- Ebay
- Sigma Make up
- E.L.F UK
- GOSH (Thanks Christina :)) 

Hope you guys found this helpful, and let me know if you have any questions! :)



  1. Gosh also has a stipling brush though i've never tried it. The stipling brush is a definate staple imo. (: thank you for the vid!

  2. I love my sigma duo fibre brush, I use it everyday for my foundation and sometimes for bronzer too =)

  3. Really helpful video! Thankyouuu :) I have the ELF Brush, which i quite like, but not for foundation xx

  4. i love the skunk brushes they are so versatile :)

  5. I really like the Sigma Dupe of the large 187 brush. Works almost as good as the MAC one! ♥

  6. @Christina T. - Oh yes I'd forgotten about that! Added it to the list with your link :)

    @Hannahh x - How come? Is it your personal preference or the brush itself, cuz I'm thinking of getting a back-up to use it with either powder or liquid :)

    @Vida, Monica, Princesa Livia - Thanks for your comments, I love getting them! I'm glad we seem to agree that these brushes are a must-have lol! :)

  7. Hey! I have a sigma F50...but which stippling brush can you get from superdrug? I've been searching but they don't seem to have that.

  8. @Beauty By Belle - It's from a brand called QVS, it might only be available in bigger Superdrugs. Have you tried ELF? :)

  9. oh ok...I have actually bought a flat foundation from QVS but I don't really like it...I haven't tried ELF yet but I've heard some nice things about your blog by the way!


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