My First Eyeko Experience - Surprise Gift Set & Free Gift! :)

From the first couple of weeks of starting my YouTube channel (video on this is attached at the bottom), I've been aware of the brand Eyeko, but never got around to ordering from them. I finally did so last week when I saw their Surprise Gift Set worth £20, retailing for £10 - I figured, I don't know what I want to get and so I might as well leave it to them :) Was a bonus that I was getting double my money's worth!

Now I was a cheeky git and had signed up to be an Eyeko Ambassador to see what it was, when I was in the process of ordering from them last May. I never finished the order. Being even more of a cheeky git, albeit completely naive, I entered my own ambassador code this time around, being completely oblivious to the first sale gift, or that you weren't supposed to enter your own! So that came in the post as well on the same day. Feeling a bit guilty, LOL.

So here it is:
- x2 Eyeko London Lips in Shoreditch (L) & Knightsbridge (R)
- Eyeko Magic Bronzer Brush in Rio
- Eyeko Cheeky Colour in Glow Getter

The Cheeky Colour is pretty cool, in that the packaging opens like this.. (it also has a mirror behind the blush!)

And here are the swatches:
 (L: Magic Bronzer Brush in Rio; R - Cheeky Colour & London Lips)

First Impressions..
I have my doubts about the bronzer. It is a brilliant idea and I know I will use it because it is such a great idea (great for on the go, and perfect brush size), and it's matte and somehow they've managed to choose the best colour for me. But if you click on the picture, you'll see a massive fall out on my ring finger, and it's difficult to put the lid on the brush. Hmm.. we shall see if I find a way around that!

As for the Cheeky Colour - I am SO excited to try it. They are the perfect colours for highlights, and I've wanted a pink-toned one for ages. A bit too shimmery for blushes for my taste.. but it may be different with the darker colours.

I'm very confused about the lipglosses. They aren't crazy pigmented, but I love the consistency. The packaging only allows for a little bit to come out and you need a lot to cover your lips, so I've resorted to using fingers which I don't usually like to do. They are tiny, for being £6.50. Hm. We will see after I use them more! :)

I was crossing my fingers for a Fat Balm, but I guess that will have to be purchased on its own, alongside the 3-in-1 Cream and the Eyeko Mascara :)

Any thoughts, ladies? Do keep your eyes out for reviews, and use my code above, and get a free gift if you spend more than £15 :)


P.S. If you couldn't tell, the fact that the 1 lipgloss was sent to me for free hasn't had an influence on what I've said here.. :)


  1. Oooh I'm jealous that you've got the bronzer and blusher, I ordered mine at the weekend so I'm just waiting for them to arrive in the next few days.

    I've got all of the Fat Balms now lol and my favourites are Minty for nice pale lip, Toffee - great for cheeks and lips, Frosting - my favourite as blusher, and Strawberry - a great muted red as an all day lip balm.

    Big Eyes mascara is also really good :) xx

  2. @Rachel Eee yay! Which colours did you order? The products themselves are gorge, I'm just so iffy about the packagings..

    YES I've found a consultant hahaha. Hmm.. I was thinking of getting either Minty or Toffee, are they pigmented and what is the consistency like? Yes this is a request for a review darling, lol :)

  3. Nice little selection for such a great price! I've tried the lip glosses and nail polishes (I absolutely love both!) but I really wanna get my hands on one of the fat balms - they always look great in reviews and I love the colours available :)

    The cheeky colour looks fab! Love the packaging and judging from your pics the shades look really lovely ♥

  4. Wow. great buys :) thanks for sharing it ^ ^

  5. Haha yeah I know I need to get going on the reviews. I'll get a whole load done soon - just a bit swamped with uni work right now but maybe tomorrow I'll do one :)

    I got the bronzer in Ibiza and two blushers (being greedy!) in Glow Getter and Make Out Blush.

  6. @All Made Up I know, I feel like I got a total bargain! The cheek colour is great at the moment, just may be a bit shimmery.. will let you know with a review soon! :)

    @Sara H. Thanks darling! :)

    @Rachel Hahaha I should be like you, I haven't done much uni work recently! :) Brilliant, looking forward to your reviews!

  7. I was thinking of ordering some Fat Balm, although I think they're at the clothes show so might be lucky there! Love that cheek colour, and if i do end up ordering anything i'll be sure to use your code :P


  8. Ooo I can't wait to hear about the Clothes Show! :) Let me know if you get anything yayy!

  9. I really want to try Eyeko sometime soon, The fat balms are meant to be amazing.. I think minty looks a nice colour, the blush looks fab too, you'll have to let us know what it looks like when used :) x

  10. I'm looking at Minty as well! :) Yeah, I wore it in the video there, but it doesn't show too well.. poo. But how good is the free P&P on Eyeko, that's what's going to make me go back to it! :P

  11. This looks lovely! I was so tempted to get the surprise goodies myself, but I knew for a fact that I would get all the things I did not want. But your items are just to die for! Lucky fish!

    and thank you for reading my post! I totally tag you to do it.

    Oh bugger! I meant to say Japan, not Hong Kong. That's what 2 and a half hours sleep does to you! Haha xxx

  12. Hahaha yeah I was worried of that too but I was quite lucky I guess!:)

    Hahahaha bless, I think someone needs a nap :) Tbf, the food in Hong Kong is brilliant as well lol!

  13. Haha, I know. However, I won't nap. I will sleep until midnight, then the pattern will begin all over today. I think I just have to bite the bullet for today, as I look like a zombie, forget how to spell, and call Japan Hong Kong!

    Ohhh, YUM! I can just imagine! Gotta love the good food, you really do.

  14. OMG, see! "and the pattern will begin all over today?"

    No...." and the pattern will begin all over AGAIN". not "today".

    I need a coffee or something!

    And I love your Youtube vid on the Eyeko products. "I WILL FORCE MY CODE ON YOU!". Ha, you tell 'em!

  15. HAHAHA ohhhhh dear me Brittany. That would be a coffee with 2 extra shots I think!!!

    Hahahaha yes, me and my gentle coercive ways..

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  17. I didnt know Eyeko had already released these new beauties! i knew they were due to come out, thats made me happy and now i need to invest in the blusher. although if its mega glittery i probably wont as i prefer matte. I dont tend to use bronzers, but if i were i'd probably use one from a pan rather than in a brush-type. I got a free lipgloss too, i wasnt overly impressed, but i didnt dislike it either.

    As for the fatbalms, theyre SO much smaller than i thought. i seriously imagined something more hand-sized. theyre smaller thn my baby finger. Maybe that was just me though? xx

  18. @Steph - I usually prefer matte too, but I quite like it as a highlight, which I don't mind to be shimmery. It's not that cheap though so if you don't like shimmery then it might be a waste! Yeah that's what I'm like with the glosses.. I'm glad I didn't pay £6.50!

    Hahaha I imagined them to be small but not THAT small! I have the ELF All Over Color/Cover Sticks and they are TINY so I'm guessing it's about the same :)

  19. love the colors, they look so soft..
    nice blog, love it!!


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