MAC Haul - Winter 2010

Hi guyssssss - I'm 2 away from 100 followers! Woo, thanks everyone! :)

So the 'hiatus' has gone tits up - I'm finding that I'm not going out as much because I've gotta save my mula so I'm home trying to do work and.. this is where I usually end up - on Blogger.

Anyway, on the last day of term and yesterday, I went to MAC to get a few things, so I thought I'd do a haul post because they were both too small to do one each :P Being an airhead, I now realise I'd already shown you guys one of my lipsticks that I got in a blogsale, and also that I'd gotten an eyeshadow called Tempting in the end of October that I forgot to include in the photos.. ugh.

The items here are..
- MAC Creme Colour Base in Hush
- MAC Lipstick in (L) The Faerie Glen (LE from the Tartan Tales) & (R) Creme Cup
- MAC 239
- (imagined) MAC Tempting E/S

Tempting E/S:
I got this in Oxford, and I had an awful MA who did nothing in helping me choose between this and Woodwinked. I concluded that Woodwinked might be too orange, and if not, it's a bit lighter than what I was looking for anyway :) I love this colour!
(This picture is from My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks on her post.)

Creme Colour Base in Hush:
The CCB was a semi-impulsive buy, triggered by Tanya's video on contouring, highlighting and blush. I'd never really heard of CCB's before, and I haven't really used it yet, only swatched, so I'm really excited to give it a go.

The funny thing was, the MA there (this was bought in Japan) kept on insisting it was an eyeshadow-only base and that I shouldn't use it on my face.. what the.

The Creme Cup & 239: was bought in Birmingham during Christmas shopping with my lovely boyfriend (who puts up with my make-up obsession all the time.. bless <3).

I figured that an eyeshadow brush which I will use everyday should be a high-quality and long-lasting investment. I was very disappointed the first two times I used it, as it seemed so flat, not picking up any colour and kind of squeaky against my eyelid.  However, after 2 washes it's starting to warm up to me ;P.

As for the lipstick, I went in to buy Angel, but I was very surprised at how blue-toned it looked on me. I had the same issue with Creme Cup but my boyfriend really really liked it, so I decided to get it. I've found that under different lighting, it looks different.. so atm it is a very mixed lipstick, with lots of confusion mixed into generally happy-times.. :P

I also got another free make-up kind of bag as well as a sample of Prep & Prime but Idk if I'll use it.. I still have the last tube left!

So there is my MAC haul saga.. Well done if you've read all the way down to here lol! I actually have a few more items waiting for me back in England that I ordered, so keep your eyes peeled for that and until then..

Let me know what you've gotten from MAC recently :)



  1. Hush, creme cup, and the 239 happen to be some of my favorite products =) You could always get both lipsticks!

  2. Lol that's so funny cuz I was looking through your posts the other day and I swear I saw so many things that I had thought I wanted to try before! :)

  3. So glad that the 239 is working out, I hope it keeps getting better for you :) Yay you're almost to 100, that's exciting!

  4. I'm follower 99. now all you need is 1 more!
    Very cute blog! <3

  5. great haul! love the shades of lipsticks you got =) xx

  6. haha I'm finding just the same with my uni work, I haven't done any since I got back home.

    I got my Faerie Glen lipstick btw and I LOVE it. Probably one of my favourite lipsticks now. I'm going for a NARS haul next so keep a lookout :)

    I hope you're having a great time at home xx

  7. congrats on your followers! love those lipstick colours xx

  8. @Mandy Yeah I was really scared! I'm glad the 109 is working for you too, can't wait to see your review!

    @lipstickandsin Haha yay thank you so much for following! :)

    @kirsty, *Starsglittermagic*, and Orla xx - Thanks, I really do like the lipsticks too! You should try the colours out! :)

    @Rachel Hahaha tell me about it! I've written 1 essay though, but it was formative! Haha me too, I'm so sad it's LE, but I reckon it's dupable.. it has to be :( Trust Kent is treating you well love!

  9. I am going to go on a hunt for Faerie Glen...beautiful color!

  10. The lip sticks are so pretty!! can you please do swatches?

  11. @Tracy - Good idea, it is! :)

    @4everspink - Of course I can, I'll do it as my next post! :)


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