November Favourites!

I cannot believe November is over - that was SO fast! It's surprising how 2011 has gone by in a blink of an eye though, and I almost feel like monthly favourites are to blame cuz I look forward to the end of the month so much :P NAUGHTY!

Anyway, have put together a video of my favourites as usual ;) Hope you guys like it!

I know November JUST ended, but I've been internally celebrating since the 5th of November fireworks finished.. Evidence:

Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament from Harrod's - £4.95
Biscuiteers Reindeer Biscuit - was a gift ;)
Christmas Pudding Mug from Sainsbury's - £3.95-ish

Honestly though, I really enjoyed November. I saw my friends from high school, my boyfriend's parents' and sister came to visit us, we went to see his aunt in Kent, I met up with Emma and Anna, I went to several events, I met some academically significant people that I wont name because I'll just look ridiculously lame and nerdy, I rode on the London Ghost Bus Tour (?!) anddddd I got to experience an internship interview!

 How was your November?
Any beauty faves? :)

See you in December!

*ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit received for consideration.


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