Backed Up And Ready To Go?

It's a rare occasion that I buy back-ups. I've bought back-ups of lipglosses, cleansers, toners and eyeliners that I can only get in Japan, but otherwise I think I've only bought a back-up of MAC's Vintage Selection Paint Pot because it's limited edition, and even now, I honestly don't think I'll ever get through the first pot. I always think there's so much out there to try, that sometimes it's better to let go and try other goodies before you decide it's your HG.

Surprisingly, such an open mind can sometimes leave you disappointed :P You'd be surprised how often your first instinct of deciding on a specific product is correct! There are many products that I've used once, loved it, but believed it MUST get better, and bought into the hype of another product only to return again to my original love. This could be a whole other post in itself, but today's back up is something I didn't even BOTHER to look into other products for cuz.. why should I? I bang on about it enough! :P

Rimmel London's Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight 700. We are like, soulmates.

Why did I not bother looking?
1. I've never fallen out with the shade or the formula.
2. The packaging is hardly damaged after 1.5yrs of banging round in my bag.
3. A lifespan of 30 months - no cheapo plasticy smell or melting.

Whenever I use a drugstore product, I go out to see if there is a high-end equivalent for a better packaging, a better lasting power and a better lifespan. In this case an attempt would be ridiculous, because I'd be paying more for something that I can get for £7. I know I'm a high-end lover, but I'm also not stupid :P

What is your HG/back-up worthy lippy? :)



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