My Winter Scent of Choice :)

In general, I'm a very fresh-scented kind of person - my favourite scent being Gucci's Envy Me. However, with the winter, I wanted something less fresh but sweeter and heavier, and I pulled out a perfume I'd got in May as a birthday gift from my boyfriend's parents - I'd loved it but I didn't feel it was quite right for the warm weather. Now, I've been wearing it every single day religiously, and without any diminishing love for it!

Paco Rabanne Lady Million

Top Notes:
Neroli, bitter orange, raspberry.

Middle Notes:
Orange flower absolute, arabian jasmine absolute.

Base Notes:
Honey, patchouli.

First of all, the packaging is to die for. It is a lot bigger than it has to be, but the 30mL bottle is small enough to fit in your fist, and pulling it out of my bag is definitely one of the delights of this little gem! It's such a bold yet classy look - I love it! My only concern (here comes to eco-warrior) - what a waste once it's done! :(

The scent is one that is very heavy, but not sickly sweet, musky nor spicey - it's just a really heavy fruity scent. I think it's one of those scents that few people would find offensive or unlikeable, because as a person who generally likes fresh scents, this is still a do-able winter smell.

Aside from the scent, my favourite part about this perfume is that it literally lasts throughout the day. I do carry it just in case, but the most I've sprayed on is twice in one day. I imagine it's one that you don't notice yourself too much! Sometimes when I'm getting cozy warm, I can catch a whiff of it wafting from my neck and scarf area :)

It's definitely one worth a sniff, especially for those like me who are quite new to perfumes, not sure what you quite like, what's appropriate etc., etc., Personally, this is undoubtedly my winter HG perfume, and it has joined the ranks of "perfumes I always want a bottle of" with my Gucci Envy Me :)

At the moment you can get this from Debenham's with 20% off and free shipping with the code SHBC :)

Have you tried this perfume?
What's your HG winter scent?


P.S. I hope you guys liked Roseanne visiting my blog yesterday! If you haven't seen her lovely winter tutorial on my blog yet, check it out here!


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