The Make Up Wipes of All Make Up Wipes?

About a year ago I wrote about the worst make-up wipes I've ever tried - the Superdrug cucumber wipes. But I'm guessing I'm not alone in saying I've tried about 10 different kinds of make-up wipes and I'm always up for new brands, and it genuinely depends on my financial state or which is the nearest pack when I'm in store and realise I need more.

As dramatic as it sounds, I didn't really think make-up wipes could be perfect until I tried these - you never instinctively think about the different aspects of the wipes, as long as it takes your make-up off at the end of the day. But as the year's gone on, I'm now pleased to say I've found the other end of the spectrum! I can now write about the BEST make-up wipes ever:

E.L.F Studio Make-up Remover Cleansing Cloths

Like I said earlier, you never think about the different aspects of make-up wipes until you realise they ALL hit the nail on the head like this one does! It's seriously the right moistness without being too wet, the cloth is so soft and never scratchy or have clumped up bits, and the packaging is so sleek and very effective because the lid is so easy to shut and open the lids. There's no faffing with stickers that lose their sticky-power, and the next sheet never awkwardly sticks out when you've pulled out the one at the top.

So what about what it's actually meant to do? I can say that these wipes remove 98% of my make up on the first go. I could never see make-up left on my Liz Earle muslin cloth, and the wipes are soft enough to lightly rub on eyelashes to get mascara out (granted I used non-waterproof mascaras!), AND the eyeliner in between eyelashes - actually insane! :P

In fact, sometimes when I used these, I actually forgot to use face wash because it felt so clean and nourished, and there is no residue whatsoever - no shine, no greasyness or wetness! This is obviously very handy on the drunken/late nights ;)

I think the only issue with this product is the same issue with the rest of ELF's products for us in the UK - you can only get it online. The product itself at 20 wipes for £3.50 isn't the cheapest of make-up wipes, and if we don't want anything else from the ELF site, you're looking at paying about £3 for shipping - they're great make-up wipes, but not £7 great! So really the best way to go about it is to stock-up when there's a free shipping offer (usually a minimum spend of £10), or if you're already shopping about on their site :)

Wow I never thought I could write so much about make-up wipes! :P

Which make-up wipes have you found yourself going back to?
Or are you a make-up wipe hopper? :P

You can get these from the Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics website for £3.50 :)

*Received for consideration.


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