Budget Holiday Nail Bling!

After seeing the OPI Muppet's collection, I felt the need to look for some sort of holiday, blinging, chunky, colourful nailpolish. I looked through OPI and Essie and just found nothing that was spot on - I was surprised myself when I saw an affordable, all blingin', all holiday nail polish by Mavala:

213 Pure Diamond

No, the packaging didn't have anything to do with it at all, of course not! :P

It's not as chunky as I first had in mind, and I still haven't figured out what to layer under it but in the end - it seemed to work out for the best as I absolutely love it!

The photos don't quite capture the rainbow reflection, or the fact that the nails aren't as see-through as they seem :( But it's definitely a toned-down wearable version of GOSH's Holographic nail polish that can be layered over anything or worn on its own for a subtle bling :)

The formula is also amazing with Mavala, as they are easy to paint, has a glossy finish, ridiculously pigmented (well obviously not in this case) and dries really quickly!

For £4.10, I think it's a great option for your holiday nail bling! I love Mavala because of the price and the amount - I don't think it's often that you use up a big bottle of nail varnish that cost you £10, so it's almost better that you get half the amount for half the price :)
What's your holiday season nailpolish of choice? :)



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