This or That: NARS Orgasm vs. Benefit Bella Bamba

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that NARS Orgasm is one of my favourite blushes. And when Benefit Bella Bamba came along, I thought - it looks so similar, I wont bother. But the colour was just so pretty and it was always on the back of my mind!

Since I got hold of Bella Bamba a few weeks back, I find myself choosing between the two on a daily basis, and I wondered - are they really that different enough that I would choose one over the other? Actually, they are!

You couldn't REALLY tell from the above comparison, except that Orgasm has more of an in-your-face golden sheen, while Bella Bamba seems to have miniscule silver glitters, and lean a bit more peach.

When swatched, you can REALLY tell the difference. Orgasm leans quite peach and in real life a bit redder in comparison to Bella Bamba. Bella Bamba is more hot pink, and not very warm-toned at all!

The sheen is also very different, in that Orgasm is gold with little glitters and a slight sheen, whereas Bella Bamba has a very in-your-face silver sheen with subtler silver glitters.

So even if I started this post not really knowing why on certain days I fancied one over the other - maybe I could subconsciously tell the difference! :P I think Bella Bamba has become the "pink" blush where Orgasm I will categorize in the "subtle pink" category from now on!

I do think though that if you like one of them, you will also like the other, as honestly on the cheeks they are not the most distinct. But at the same time, I think if you are an avid lover of blushers like I am, there's definitely no consequence in owning both! ;)

Do you have one or the other - or both? :)
Which one do you prefer?



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