"Let's Skate!" "I Would if I Could.."

I'm sure everyone has seen MAC's Glitter & Ice Collection, but is it just me that thinks there hasn't been one dominant product that everyone's getting? The closest maybe is the Morning Frost paint pot!

As a raving paint pot loon, I have to admit I was drawn to it at first - naughty, because my trusty Satin Taupe eyeshadow and Vintage Selection paint pot are my two favourite taupes, and I'm not sure I need any others! So my attention shifted to the understated, and not really spoken about paint pot - Let's Skate! (Lol I do realise, that this was one of the few things that was NOT on my Glitter & Ice wishlist :P)

To explain the title, the exclamation after names of things (like PANIC! At The Disco) always makes it more emotive and conversation-like in my head..

Oh I am in LOVE! The colour is NOTHING like you see on the website - it is a pale brightening pink (think Benefit Eyebright but a tad darker) with small gold iridescent glitter - a truly unique combination that I haven't seen anywhere else on the market. When popped over the lid on its own, it creates a wintery edge to an ordinary baby pink and instantly opens up your eyes, especially when paired with a strong winged eyeliner and lots of mascara!

Lauren and I have been raving to each other about this paint pot, and she has also alerted me to layering powder eyeshadows over it - genius. She recommends MAC Cork (I use UD Naked Palette's Naked) to create a browny gold, with the same iridescent glitter which she says is like NARS Galapagos - sheer genius.

I'm sure the main concern for skeptics is the chunky glitter. Personally, I say embrace it! It's what puts this eyeshadow apart from all other sparkly baby pink ones, with its unique multi-faceted glitter. It's the winter season when sparkles, glitters and fairy lights makes everyone feel all warm inside - if it's good enough for cake toppings it's good enough for your eyes ;)

The pictures don't do it justice - you HAVE to go swatch it ladies :) It's an everyday winter shade that's a no-brainer, easy to use formula :) I reach for it practically everyday when I'm stumbling out of bed at 8.. I know, lazy student!

What were your favourites from this year's MAC's Glitter & Ice? :)



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