MAC Glitter & Ice/Ice Parade Wishlist

I haven't bought from a single MAC limited edition collection since the Cham-Pale collection in January 2011 - and when I am at the poorest of poor, they fling a collection that I really like at me. Why, why now?!

A girl can only wish in times like these, and for this I bring you my 2nd wishlist ;P (which is definitely in order of "want"-ness!)

Mineralized Eyeshadow in Snow Season (£16.50)

On numerous occasions, I've found "the perfect nude" eyeshadow. I'm allowed more than one "perfect nude" right? :P

Make It Perfect Brush Essential Kit (£39.50)

I adore MAC brushes, and as a person that travels a lot, I've always wanted travel sized brushes. These are incredibly pricey, and don't always have the best reputation, so I'm hoping to feel them in store :)

Lipstick in Whirls & Twirls (£14)

I'm a pretty firm believer in "buy it if you need it". But hey, rules are there to be broken right? :P It just looked so pretty on Temptalia..

Paint Pot in Morning Frost (£14)

I ADORE Paint Pots so it's a bit weird that this is so far down on my list. But I've heard it's quite similar to Vintage Selection Paint Pot (my last purchase from a LE collection!) and I have a feeling it'll be similar to Satin Taupe - so I'm afraid I probably wont get a lot of use out of it even if I get it.. but hey, what's the harm of wishlists? :P

Mineralized Eyeshadow in Hold That Pose! (£16.50)

There seems to be a lack of a consensus upon viewing swatches on what this shade is - so I'm interested :P

Beauty Powder in Snow Globe (£20.50)

It looks like it could make me pretty - ON YOU GO ON THE WISHLIST! :P

Dazzleglass in Dressed to Dazzle (£17)

Again. It just looked so pretty on Temptalia, but whether I could justify £17 on a glitter gloss is very.. dubious.

Lipstick in What Joy! (£14)

I swear to you I have been on a hunt for a wine/dark red lipstick for a few weeks now - this is just a contender :P

Not bad for a broke person ey? :P With my new "3 products a month" rule that I've self-imposed, what I'll actually get is very much up in the air! :P

What takes your fancy in the Ice Parade/Glitter & Ice collections? :)



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