Review: Multiple Uses of Lumiere Eyeshadows

Loose powder and I are not often friends, and they are probably the one thing I steer clear from when I'm in a store, but when Lumiere Cosmetics were looking for people to sample their goodies, I thought - why not?

They were kind enough to tailor what they sent me to what I wanted, and I ended up with 3 eyeshadows, 2 foundations and 3 blusher/bronzers. My favourite of the lot are the eyeshadows - they are absolutely gorgeous! You can see the three and a blusher below..

Top Left Clockwise: Vanilla Bean Eye Pigment, Bon Bon Eye Pigment, Adobe Sunset Blush, Cappuccino Eye Pigment.

I was so impressed at how blendable and soft the eyeshadows look compared to pressed ones. In this particular look, I love how seamlessly Bon Bon melts into the light mocha Cappuccino shade. In real life, the contrast is much stronger (as you can probably see in the product pictures above), but it somehow still manages to look so soft, which I think would be difficult with pressed eyeshadows!

These were so easy to work with, pigmented and finely-milled and uncrumbly. The powder picked up easily, and there was no fall out once you tapped your brush a few times into the lid. Even after initially placing the powder, it was still blendable so you can blend it out into a shape you want :) The two shades also blended together nicely and created a natural, soft gradiation!

Now the blusher and foundation were the things I couldn't warm to. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the majority of the colour to move from where I first lay it. So after I was done blending, I would still have one area darker than the others because that was where my brush touched first. However, I will persevere! If anyone has any tips, please do let me know! :)

On the topic of face products, however, I did a bit of experimenting! If you notice the glow that I've got going on, you'll be surprised that I had a fairly matte foundation on, but decided to experiment with the stark matte white Vanilla Bean eyeshadow as a highlight, after the soft glow it created on my brow bone. It manages to turn out relatively translucent and so just slightly lightens what is underneath it, therefore creating the most natural highlight! Definitely a great alternative to your typical shimmery highlights!

Personally, I think loose eyeshadows are still a bit messy and time consuming for everyday, but they're not something I'll never use! Lumiere Cosmetic's eyeshadows are amazing to work with and very multitasking, especially to people like me who haven't yet completely warmed to mineral products. On the website, you have a choice of buying the smaller pots like the ones I have, which I think is great because you don't waste money or product :)

Their colour and finish selection is incredibly wide, and they are incredibly affordable at $2.50 for 1g, and I think I'd definitely go back to them over the Barry M Dazzle Dusts! Obviously the only problem is that you will have to rely on swatches, but the photos are really representative of the actual product (wish MAC would take a leaf out of their books!) So if you are struggling with loose eyeshadows and want to know a product that could start you off, I'd definitely recommend Lumiere Cosmetics!

Have you tried their products before? :)
What are your faves?

*Reeived for consideration.


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