Event: Youngblood Relaunch

I'm always wary of mineral cosmetics as in my head, mineral = loose powder = disaster. But when I popped in for a look around Youngblood's relaunch on Tuesday, I was glad to be proven wrong! There's nothing more exciting than exploring a new brand ;)

Jayne, who had invited me, was kind enough to let me bring a friend as it was after uni and we were planning on going to a nerdy lecture in Aldwych afterwards. As soon as we walked in, we were offered drinks - Kellie tried some mix of orange juice and bubbly wine?! I'd never heard of that! :P

We both got our make-over done by their make-up artist, Fiona, who did a lovely job on both of us! I'm always wary about make-overs, as I'm scared everything will be caked on and I will have runway make-up on but Fiona asked specifically what we wanted and what we were used to - it was very refreshing to say the least!

Here are some of the questions I asked, that I was kinda itching to ask..

*When products say "mineral", what does it actually mean?
It means that all the ingredients are taken from the earth. Youngblood's cosmetics are 100% mineral.

*How can drugstore products afford to create mineral products?
There's a certain legal amount of natural products you need in the product to call it "natural" and it's ridiculously low, like 5%?!

*Do natural preservatives last as long as chemical ones?
They apparently do!

*Are all your brushes synthetic and cruelty-free?
They are cruelty-free, but no tall synthetic. There are ways to extract animal hair without mistreating or killing them!

It was so nice to be able to ask these questions to someone who was really friendly and willing to answer everything and anything honestly :)

The colour product that caught my eye were the pressed blushers - it was such a slim, sleek packaging with a reasonable amount of product. The pigmentation were great on all colours, and the variety was so unique! There was one that I particularly liked, but because their display didn't have the actual products, I didn't get to see the name :(

What you see on the bottom right are the eyebrow kits - which I also really liked! They had 3 shades - 2 powders, 1 wax, a tweezer and a brush. I really liked how the 2 powder shades were so distinct, as one is meant to outline your brows, and one is meant to fill it. I LOVED the way Fiona did my brows! The product would be great for on-the-go as it has a mirror (although it is quite big for what it is)!

I think Youngblood's biggest focus must be their face products, as we all got given goody bags before we were about to go. Kellie absolutely adored the Hi Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder, and I personally liked the Pressed Mineral Rice Setting Powder - both of which were used on us respectively :)

We got given the Mineral Primer, the Liquid Mineral Foundation, Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint Illuminator, Mineral  Radiance Moisture Tint and the Hi-Definition Mineral Perfecting Powder :)

L-R: Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint, Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint Illuminator, Liquid Mineral Foundation.

The one thing I did fail to take a picture of was their Liquid Foundation brush, which was like a fluffier version of your typical paddle foundation brush - definitely something I will consider investing in, along with the Pressed Mineral Rice Setting powder! This list obviously may grow as I start testing out these little testers - how cute are they that they've got mini-sizes with proper tubes and pumps?! (it's the little things ;P)

My favourite part of my time there was definitely getting to chat with Fiona and Jayne about the brand - mainly because I didn't have much of a clue before! I'm really interested in their brand now, and am looking forward to seeing them branch out from the clinics and salons they are at now - mainly so I can have a swatch and decide what I want! :P

Many thanks to Jayne and the rest of the Youngblood team for inviting me, as I had a lovely time! If you wanna check out their line, here's the link!

Have you tried any of Youngblood's products?
What do you recommend!? :)



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