Unboxing: Glossybox October 2011


Now that I've got that out of the way! :)

Last month Lily from Glossybox emailed me about giving a box a go - and I thought there wasn't much harm in it, although I almost expected to be apathetic and not end up doing a review cuz there's just so much out there about beauty boxes, and I've read up on it a few times.


There's something ridiculously controversial about beauty boxes, and now that I have experienced one in particular I thought I'd give my views on Glossybox specifically (not the products!), and what I thought about this month's box.

Main Points:
* Amazing presentation.

*Eco box option :) (if not send it back, have an option to not get a box!)

* They've got the brands down! Definitely loving the balance between brands we've all heard of and brands we haven't - I think it's good to be favourable to the former, but have bits of the latter.

* Boxes need to choose whether they 100% tailor for individuals, but otherwise go for products that are on trend or everyone will like and use, and would consider paying for (in terms of shade, skin type etc.,)

Am I rushing off to subscribe to Glossybox? Sadly, I'm not. But this is for several reasons: 1) I think they are going to get better, 2) there's just so many to choose from and I haven't put in the thought and analysis into which one I'd pick, cuz I simply couldn't afford all of them, and 3) because I still haven't convinced myself that I have £10-£13 to spend per month on things I'm not sure I'll like and 4) because I don't want a whole bunch of boxes or a bunch of mini samples that I may or may not use piling up in my student accommodation.

A quick thank you to Lily and the Glossybox team for providing the box for me! :)

What do you think about the Glossybox?
Are you subscribed to any other beauty boxes? :)


P.S. I know, 2 posts in a day - madness! Remember to check out my previous post on TOWIB :)


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