Review: Origins Eye Doctor

I feel like I've been saying this before every post but - long time no see! :P

If you follow me on Twitter (which you should) you would know that I had a little splurge on a certain skincare item, after experiencing severe skin panic in the dryness in the UK. Yep, I popped my Origins cherry and had a very lovely experience choosing out the Eye Doctor at Peter Jones :)

Okay so I must have been mental, because spending £25 on this dinky jar when unemployed can only be describe as, well, mental. And while I do shudder at the thought of repurchasing after I'm done, I can also say that I don't regret this purchase - at all.

First of all, it LOOKS pretty. The jar is cute and round, and the colour is gorgeous. Yes it is unsanitary to stick your finger in there but what are you going to do? Jars are always cuter and that's how I justify it! You get 15mL of product which is very little in numbers, but in reality, this is how much you need for one eye:

So not too scared about shelling out £25 again anytime soon.

The smell is a waft of refreshing cucumber, and the consistency is a luxurious, creamy yet smooth balm. The feeling when you smooth it over under your eyes is priceless - it really is such a pleasure to apply!

So what does this baby claim to do? Somewhere on the box I think I read something about it bettering dark circles and whatnot but honestly, when do you ever hear about dark circles getting better other than getting more sleep? I went to a spa once and the lady told me that the best way to get rid of them was to massage them so the fluids get flowing.. anyway, I digress.

The main claim is nothing special - it claims to moisturize any areas around the eye. It's a bog basic eye cream, and that's what was appealing to me. But unlike other eye creams, it's neither "light" nor "heavy" - it genuinely moisturises and nourishes, instead of just making you think it moisturises by being thick or watery. You can feel the difference after you apply it, and you do feel it really absorbing.

I know people may want to know what to choose between this and the GinZing eye cream, so I'll give you my 2 cents as I tried a sample. The GinZing, to me, is not as moisturizing and is more of a make-up product because of the pearl inside that lessens the appearance of dark circles (it does work very well for that though!). Personally this would put me off of using it at night because it draws away from the main thing I wanted, which was moisturization. I figured my concealer would take care of my dark circles :)

Does the Eye Doctor do its job? Absolutely. Like I said, the consistency itself is like a smooth luxurious cream-balm hybrid (which is leaning more towards the cream..) and you can feel the moisture on your skin as soon as you apply it. It doesn't absorb particularly fast but I'm not too fussed cuz I'd like it to stay around long enough for my concealer application to go smoothly.

You'll have the wet-look for a bit under your eye, so some people may want something different for the day time (like GinZing!) but I actually wanted this, because I was looking for a heavy duty, no gimmick eye cream to battle what's ahead in the winter months and I can say I am 100% satisfied!

My only negative about this would be something very personal - my milia seems to be getting a bit worse. I think I have a danger of this no matter what I use, as too much moisture or lack of exfoliation can cause this - I have no idea what to do because 1) my undereyes would be dry otherwise and 2) the skin seems too gentle to exfoliate, so if anyone has suggestions for this please let me know!

Anyway I can't rave about this enough. My selling point for this would be the PURE luxury of the consistency, the moisturisation that is truly moisturising and not just wet or heavy, and the great ingredients. If you love luxury, if you love natural ingredients, or if you want to give your eyes a bit more loving than a drugstore eye cream - I'd definitely recommend the Origins Eye Doctor.

What is your favourite eye cream?
What's your number one eye concern?

You can buy this eye cream from John Lewis for £25 :)



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