Mmm I Love Me Some Black Leather!

I don't mean to sound like a creepy old man, I literally have been acquiring many black leather items recently, that are surely to become staples over the winter and some even beyond!

I'm a ridiculous model, I know. But this is my new uni bag that I picked up from Zara for £79.99 over the weekend! It's big enough to fit my books, my laptop and also clothes and make-up for when I am off to the boy's. It's all buffalo leather which I love and can't wait to see it get softer! But I must say, the shoulder strap has not managed to come off when I want to use it as a handbag, and today it spontaneously decided to come off which resulted in me dropping my bag twice.. nevertheless, the bag is lovely and I've been seeing the tan version quite a lot around London - apparently Olivia Palermo has it too?! (I'm pretending I know who she is..)

My year consists of two footwear - flipflops (Havaianas are the flippy floppies of choice) and boots (UGGS!). This year with my attempt to save, I decided to go for something that's still high quality but affordable, and opted for tall black Whooga boots, for £79. Now I was under the impression they were shipping from Australia, but it is both made and sent from China which I was a bit meh about, but the box was lovely and it came in one piece. I have noticed that the sole is foam which I was also a bit meh about, and also the inner fluff was kind of coming off today on my first wear, but maybe cuz it's my first wear? Nevertheless - so warm and comfy :) They're actually the only sheepskin boots I own - the UGGs I own are both knit (and hand-me-downs XD)!

Now this baby was a gift from my lovely boyfriend who picked it up in Chicago and gave it me for our 3rd anniversary :) I'd been going on about Coach for, well, years now and a wallet since the summer so a smart boy puts 2 and 2 together ladies! ;) It's an understated, chic black leather wallet with spaces for my numerous cards and 2 slots for my non-existent bills :P It's absolutely gorgeous, and am in love - with both of them :P

So that's me sorted for a while, £160 is not a happy sum to part with! Either way, these recent purchases and gift are my pride and joy atm so I thought I'd share it with you guys! (Esp cuz this bag has been getting some attention in class as well! :P)

Apologies for the lack of make-up posts recently girls, I am very much still wearing make-up (not evident in the pics, I know) just.. very different ones everyday as I am a busy bee for once in my life! Hopefully I will have some things to rave about soon, as I have had loads of blogsale purchases coming in, and am also currently deciding whether I have found my winter foundation of choice! :)

Any "big" purchases recently for you? :)



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