TOWIB: My First Blogging Event

Ever since I first heard about such things as blogging events, I wanted to go. But living in the middle of nowhere it was often impossible to make it to big events.. also probably would've helped to be invited to something LOL :P So for me, when TOWIB (The Only Way is Blogging) started happening, I was really excited!

Sadly, for the first event I was en-route to London with my boyfriend to pick up my parents from the airport - yeah, not so much a, "You can do it yourself right, I'll see you at the hotel!" kind of thing :P So this Winter Warmer was pencilled in as early as August so I can make sure there will be no family obligations in my way ;P This time it was at a bar in Green Park - lovely :)

Did I enjoy it? I did! Sadly I was an airhead as usual and brought a camera, a camera charger but no SD card so I'd refer you to other posts for photographs of the event :) But the event as a whole was a interesting experience for me, mainly because I got to see George and Anna again, and meet some bloggers I've been reading their blogs for forever like Siobhan and Lauren, and also got introduced to new blogs like Gem's and Suzie's. My main reason for going was to meet people, but the demonstrations by make-up artists were so fun to watch, and it was just really cool to see in real life how a pro does make-up on a model. I wasn't so sure about the setting/layout, or if the other talks were my cuppa tea, but others seemed to enjoy them which is always good! :)

The make-up artists that were there were from FashionistA and VIVO. They both had 3 presentations each - FashionistA had 3 from the runway, and VIVO had 3 that was more street-friendly. It was a good contrast to have! FashionistA did a blue smokey look, a feline look and a blusher look, and VIVO did a vampire, golden and bold lip look. Lots of variety and "Ooo"s and "Ahh"s on my behalf :P

I'd never heard of FashionistA, but really liked the idea of the customizable palettes - SURPRISE! :P So was really excited when we got to choose our own palette to take home and play around with! I'm hoping I'll see them around in store so I can get some more bits to put in :) The one I chose was used for a dark blue smokey eye - a bit scary but something I've wanted to try out for ages! The mirror is absolutely maHUsive (even bigger than my ArtDeco one) so I'm keen on carrying it around with me!

VIVO - how could you not have heard of them? When they first said they'll be sold only in Tesco, I was like, "Pshyeah awesome." Err, do you know how hard it is to find a bloody Tesco that's not metro or express in central London? So I was a VIVO-virgin, and am now so glad I'm not! I tried many of the products they gave us yesterday and I was really impressed, even with the packaging! The goody bag I got contained products that were used for a bold lip, subtle everything-else look, which I haven't got nailed down so I wanted to give it a shot again :) I love the metallic black packaging- it's very chic and SUCH a good change from a boring black plastic that many budget brands seem to resort to. And, the lip products - OHHHH MY. They smell DELICIOUS. I want to eat them.

I think my favourite product out of everything so far has been the VIVO blusher, which I thought was going to be my least favourite. The colour is GORGEOUS, it is a fool proof, peachy pink with a slight iridescence.

So yes, it's Monday again and I had a great weekend. Sunday was spent in Canary Wharf with the boy watching the Three Musketeers (AMAZING) and shopping around, as well as having a delicious and cheap Sunday roast! Today is actually kind of still the weekend for me as I have no classes, but I have a lovely dinner planned at a posh restaurant (did any of you take advantage of the London Restaurant Festival!? :)) for me and the boy's 3 year anniversary :) I cannot wait!

Do you remember your first event?
Have you tried any FashionistA or VIVO cosmetics? :)



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