Overdue Japan Haul!

I know I've been back for a while, but after getting comments and tweets about interest in Japan and their make-up, I decided to do a video on my "repurchase list" that I always do when I'm back, and also show you some bits that I picked up for the first time. Hopefully this will help for those of you who love East Asian skincare, make-up or for those of you who are hoping to visit in the future :)

If you are interested in looking at websites that sell Japanese make-up, I found a post/list on Musings of a Muse that may help you out. Be warned - make-up is a totally different thing in Japan, and a lot of products wont be the consistency or have the effect that you may be used to if you are accustomed to Western make-up - it's all part of the fun really! :) If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer - but I'm not that knowledgeable on Japanese make-up either :P

I'm still yet to try the big brands like RMK, Addiction, Cle de Peau, Shiseido and Paul & Joe - but they are just so bloody expensive :P I'm a pretty hardcore drugstore girl when I'm back in Japan ;P

Have you tried any Japanese cosmetics/skincare?
Which is your favourite? :)



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