Blush Crush: VIVO Sweet Peach

You know that feeling when it just doesn't feel right to wear anything but a certain product, and it's just like that day after day? I love it! These days it's been happening to me with this gorgeous blusher:

(That's my cyclamen Bellinda in the background! :D)

This is the VIVO Blush with Highlighter Duo in Shade 3, Sweet Peach. I received this in my VIVO goody bag when I went to the TOWIB Winter Warmer, and out of all the products I thought I'd like this the least - how wrong was I?!

The left side is a highlighter, that on my skin turns out slightly ashy due to its pink-tones so I haven't really used it yet - although I think it might be nice as an eyeshadow, and better as a highlighter on cooler skintones. I have just read the back and it says that you could swirl the 2 colours together - I may give that a shot soon! The consistency is smooth and not powdery nor too stark!

The right side is the part that I am ADORING. It's just the prettiest peachy pink that goes with absolutely anything and is definitely natural-looking on my NC30-35 skintone. It's what I wanted MAC Melba and NARS Torrid to be! I am such a snob when it comes to make-up and while I do have my reasons (the biggest one being staying power, which admittedly this blusher does lack in comparison to my favourite high-end blushes), sometimes I do overlook the beautiful shades that are available outside department stores.

I also adore the metallic packaging and how huge the product is so you can just dunk your brush in there! :) I just wish it had a mirror (which would counter-act the minus of the staying power a bit, so I could take it out and easily top-up) but it's also nice that you can see the product from the outside.

Left to Right: Illamasqua Rude, MAC Melba, VIVO Sweet Peach, NARS Torrid, ArtDeco Blush 19

The most similar is indeed MAC Melba, but VIVO Sweet Peach is just a tad lighter and a tad pinker. It's also a satin-ey finish which is different to any of the colours swatched above, and adds to the naturalness of the finish. I apply this with my MAC 109 brush as I find it isn't SO pigmented that it is unnatural or that you have to concentrate on how much you are putting on, but it's pigmented enough that it shows up.

Would I buy another shade? Maybe if I find another perfect shade. The packaging, colour and finish is PERFECT, but staying power really is important to me as I am the crappest of crap at retouching make-up. I'll always pick the more expensive product if I know it'll last longer - mainly cuz if you don't have to touch up, you'll use less product anyway! At the end of the day, it may be less money, but it's still hard earned money!

But I probably wouldn't have picked it up myself so I'm really glad to have it - now I just need to find a Tesco to check out their other goodies! :)

Have you tried any VIVO blushers?
What has been your go-to blush recently? :)



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