Haul: Hello & Goodbye, MAC Blushers.

If you remember, about 3 months ago I only had 1 MAC blush (I miss you Style!). Well that's since changed and the collection's expanded to 4. I never really thought a MAC blush was worth the £17, so I was ecstatic when the 3 I'd been thinking about were on blogsales, or sold to me by the lovely Jasmine :)

Left: Melba, Top: Buff, Right: Well Dressed

Left: Melba, Top: Buff, Right: Well Dressed

Melba: I'd swatched this shade in store without looking at the name, and that's always a sign that you love a shade! That being said I never picked it up because I never had the urge to wear a pinky peach, and kinda thought it would be too similar to my NARS Torrid. But when such things come to you via blog sale at a bargain of £8 - you just can't say no can you? I've worn this a few times, and it's a great no brainer blush! But as a blush person, I'm not always up for a no-brainer so this hasn't been used TOO much, but I'm glad to have it :) It's definitely kind of a one-size fit all shade, I think!

Buff: This is also another one I'd wanted for a while, but couldn't choose between this and Cubic which is more pink and I think, lighter. But again, for £8 - how could you physically say no? Surprisingly, when put on my cheek it turns more of a peachy/pink-toned brown which is absolutely gorgeous for everyday and so understated, classy and perfect for a no make-up look. I'd definitely recommend this to warmer and medium to darker skintones - Cubic may be better for lighter/cooler skintones :)

Well Dressed: I know this is one of those, previously "EVERYONE will love it!" blushes that has been developing a reputation of marmite-ism. When I first wore this I was like, "YEP! Everyone's right, it has no pigment." But if you've ever had a problem with the pigmentation of this blush, the trick is to tap it on as opposed to brush it on and you will get a lovely pink flush! I was hoping for something still more pigmented and something that will remain the baby pink on my cheeks as against my warm skintone it has a tendency to look darker and warmer (as do many baby pink blushes!) so I may have to try Katie from Illamasqua some time! If you're considering this - definitely try it in store first! It may not come out the way you hope :)

Top to Bottom: Well Dressed, Buff, Melba.

I think my fascination with MAC blushes is close to over, if not over. While the powder formula is great, they never seem to get the shade "just right" for me - I'm never 100% blown away. It's the same with their cream and mineralized blushes too - although I'd love to try the formula. It may be time to move on to Illamasqua powder blushes for me!

I may be talking out of my bum you know, in a few months I may be all over them ;) But for now, I think NARS blushers will always be my fave!

Do you love MAC blushes? Or is your loyalty with another brand? :)
What's your favourite MAC blush?


P.S. I am now off to see Emma from Oh So Fresh As A Daisy! We've been talking for ages, and she seems like such a laugh so I'm so excited! :) She hasn't posted for a while as she's lacking in the internet department atm, but go check her blog out! Her foundation collection and make-up bag post is to die for, and she has a great post on her insight into high-end vs. drugstore make up <3


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