October Favourites! (or whatever it is..)

In regards to the titles - I'm not quite sure what favourites are anymore! :P Are they products you consistently loved throughout the month, or products you've been using a lot that month, or products you've loved at some point in the month?! I decided to go for the latter choice this time :)

Keep your eyes open for a blooper at the end ;)

As for my favourite bloggers/Youtubers this month? I've had a few!

My newbie favourite can be none other than Nic704, who has just started a blog a couple of weeks ago - she's such a sweet girl! Her taste in make-up though - AMAZING, I want everything!

Charlotte's Obsessions is definitely at the top of my list for YouTuber faves - another girl whose collection will never stop enabling me, and comes across so lovely and funny in her recent collection/mini-review videos.

Speaking of which, Lauren at Rose Espirit also has make-up collection (specifically bronzer collection) I will envy for the rest of my life.. jealous doesn't actually cover it.

Ok, not exactly Halloween, but they're orange and black and ADORABLE?! Taken at a cake store in Oxford :)

So yes - hope you had a great October, and happy halloween! :D
Don't forget to link me to your favourites :)


P.S. Has anyone seen this girl? Absolute legend :P


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