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Until recently, I don't think I wore any form of black eyeliner for atleast the past half a year - literally! Maybe on the odd night out but it was me, my eyeshadows, mascara and a skintone eyeliner. For a girl that started make-up with black eyeliner, that's a pretty sac-relig thing to do, ey?! :P

But hey ho, the old friend is back along with the cold, and I have to say - I'm quite enjoying its company! The defined and glam look (I was going to say sultry but I feel odd saying that about what you're attempting to do..) is definitely a great way to adjust to the season in my opinion :)

However, somewhere between the boyfriend's house and mine, my K-Palette 24hr Real Lasting Eyeliner went astray, and I was "forced" (i.e. I've always wanted to but never had an excuse) to get another eyeliner since my Maybelline one dried out and after an attempt to revive it by mixing it with olive oil, I got disgusted at the idea of olive oil on my face.. Yeah, so anyway..

I bought a new one :D

I picked this up at Selfridges when I was on a little shopping trip with Vivianna last week (who by the way is actually even more hilarious and lovely than she comes across in her videos/posts), with little contemplation to say the least as I'd already been convinced by Tanya Burr that this was the gel eyeliner to go for, as it doesn't dry up as easily as the likes of MAC Fluidline or Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner.

Now I realise that the brush looks a bit crap - it's not that bad actually, but I do want to give the MAC 209 or 266 a shot but it's something that is not so urgent and my wallet and conscience wont allow at the moment. So I'm rather glad it came with this little guy if I'm honest! For £13.50 it's cheaper than the other 2 brands I mentioned before.

It applies a dream, and it's a solid black. My only 'meh' about it is that it's not so black on the waterline and it does slide down when applied there during the day. I also find that it's not 100% smudge proof during the day (which my K-Palette eyeliner was). It's not to say it doesn't last a long time - it was just a step down in standards for me personally.

I'm doing a bit of a round of Clinique recently but I find their range very well priced and the basic products like my Superfine Liner for Brows and this gel eyeliner very good quality as far as I can tell. One thing I'd stay away from? The Anti-Blemish Concealer - dear god that thing was CRAP.

Anyway, my favourite eyeliner work I've seen recently? LLYMLRS. I would like her eyelashes, her hair, her tan and her legs. Ta.

Have you found an increase in the amount of eyeliner you use? :)
Have you tried any Clinique make-up?

You can get this product at Selfridges for £13.50, and if you're from the States, you could check here* for some Macy's discounts :)


*Sponsored link.


  1. We share the same sentiment, the liner was great but I don’t like the brush.
    ~Pauline @Clinique Philippines


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