Overview: Sulphate-Free Hair Products

The idea of products being sulphate-free seems to be infiltrating the mainstream little by little, so I thought I'd do an overview on hair care products that I've used that have been sulphate-free - 5 brands, and a few products from each to be precise! There's mini reviews of what I thought, and who I think the products will work for. Many brands have different lines for different hair types, so I can only describe how they've acted with my "combination hair" (watch the video and you'll know what I mean, haha!) and give you an idea on who I think they'd work for!

If you're looking for ideas on products that are free from these hotly debated chemicals, I hope my video can help give you an idea on where to start. Many of the products I mention are also parabens and PEGs free, and many aren't animal-tested either! 

I'm in no place to say whether sulphates are bad for you, because 1) it's hotly debated and 2) well, physics and biology were my worst grades at school, so I didn't even bother with chemistry! But the way I see it, there's nothing saying avoiding sulphates are bad, and personally, I've found they've had great effects for my hair over time :) (more on hair care tips and tricks here!)

So I hope you found this video helpful! All the details about the products are on the YouTube page for this video. Again, do let me know if you have any sulphate-free favourites, I'd love to try some more!

Have you tried sulphate-free products?
What are your favourites?


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  1. Great video! I've been SLS free for 8ish months and it's the best decision I've made. Hair is in better cond and my skin is less dry also don't go through hand cream quite as much! Might have to try the Leor, my hair could do with some help atm! Have you tried Jason products? Their volume shampoo and cond are great :)

    1. Wow that's impressive! It's true, SLS seems to dry out skin like crazy. I haven't tried Jason products but I've heard of them - I'll jot it down on my things to try list, I really fancy some volume - thank you! :)

  2. Great reviews! I love Aveda hair products! Nothing else touches my hair! x Marina

  3. I've been using Naked for about 2 years now (mainly their detox and smooth ranges - my boyfriend has a VERY sensitive scalp and he uses the mild one & it has made such a difference to his troublesome head haha) I love love love them, I mainly look out for natural brands but cruelty free is a must. Think it may be time for a change and I'm going to look into the Australian botanical brand next time I head to M&S :)

    1. Oh that's so good! I'm glad to hear it does what it says on the tin :) Yes, do give Australian Native Botanicals a go, would love to hear what you think! :)

  4. I really loved the video! I had no idea about sulphates or anything :(




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