Diego dalla Palma MascaraGOGO

You guys must know by now how much I adore my Maybelline Hyper Curl Cat Eyes Mascara, but recently I've been having an affair.. a mascaraffair.

The "other" mascara has been the Diego dalla Palma MascaraGOGO *epic name alert*. Why has my fickle soul submitted to such a (not so) treacherous act?

Well, when you look at as many beauty images or try as many mascaras as I do (fickle soul, like I said),  you notice that there are many types of lashes to be had. You've got the natural lashes that are like an extension or a slight thickening of your natural lashes, then there's your spider lashes where it's more about length and slight clump-age of the lashes, and then there's the one that separates,  volumises and fans out for a full, extremely feminine and delicate look. This is that which the Maybelline cannot satisfy, that the MascaraGOGO gives me.

It's hard to show in photographs (sad attempt there), but the brush really picks up on lashes I didn't know were there, giving me a much fuller look than my Maybelline - it feels more "width" oriented than "height", which I really like. It's also super black. What I've noticed about this mascara is that it keeps the lashes separate, yet volumises them all at once. Especially when paired with a smokey eye like the one in the photograph, it really adds gradience anddrama on your eyelids!

The only thing that this lacks slightly for me is enough hold. However, unlike most volumising mascaras, it doesn't lack it enough to straighten my lashes, so I imagine for most people who don't need a mascara to defy gravity, this would be have an epic effect to unknown degrees! Instead of lashes that seem obsessed with the floor, I usually have about a natural amount of curl left at the end of the day. This is something I sacrifice for the gorgeous fanned out, full effect :)

Although it may not be perfect, it's close enough to be a refreshing and nice change from my usual spikey spider lashes that I've stuck to for quite a while now. It's much fuller, more voluminous and fluttery yet natural at the same time. Most volumising mascaras like these make my lashes stick straight in an hour, so to be able to have the volumised lashes option has been a great breather!

Diego dalla Palma is available from M&S Beauty Halls, which is coincidentally holding a 20% off of all items from tomorrow to the 2nd of December - get going if you've ever wanted to try some of the great brands there! :)

Have you tried anything from Diego dalla Palma?
What's your favourite volumising mascara?


*Received for consideration.


  1. That really IS an epic name! I like the sound of this, will be keeping an eye out!

    Maria xxx

    1. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that!

  2. The only thing which you can attract and this thing looking great and shining eyes.Its looking pretty and nice and i watched similar beauty products which use for your body and you can more attracting. he shi


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