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Tucked away in one of my favourite streets in London, Foubert's Place, is a shop you wont see anywhere else in the country - the Pixi shop. For me, Pixi is the light green brand that I had mixed feelings about - was the green sophisticated, or was it cheap-looking/young? Their massive palettes voted in favour of the latter, but their individual products often came across as the former. Last night I got a chance to swatch to my heart's content at this cozy lovely boutique-like shop and make up my mind about them once and for all!

These are the Succulent Lip Twins (£12), and as you can see highly coveted in the beauty magazine world (take that for what you will!). I got to take home one of these in the shade No 2 Coral Camellia and while the idea is fantastic - a solid, highly pigmented tint for the lips and cheek at the tip and a liquid balm in the tube - I'm still mixed about it. Is it gimmicky? The smell is reminiscent of the plasticy cherry from cheap make-up that you get as a child, but priced at £12 and packed with natural oils and extracts, it's not exactly a toy. A similar thing can be said about their Lip & Line (£12). The formula, engineering and pigment is definitely commendable, but the smell really throws me off.

On the other hand, we have a part of the new Christmas collection. The Lid Shadow Pens (£12) definitely catch my eye, but all your eyes must have drifted to the massive Early Bird palette (£16). While this may have initially fallen into my youthful category, this is actually perfect for any lady! Packed with 3 blushers that come in a red, pink and peach (which I've skillfully cut off the picture.. see the site for a full image), two bronzers and a highlighter, with a vast array of eyeshadows - the right half reminiscent of the Naked Palette and the left more for the creative of girls - and 4 matte multi-purpose powders, you will only make the most of this if you know what you're doing - this is not child's play in any way, shape or form.

The powders are slightly powdery and it'll create some fall out on the pan. However, the formula is oh so buttery, and the pigments smooth on like a dream. At £16, this is a must-have and a perfect Christmas present for any girl who loves her make-up, or who wants to learn more!

Eye Shadow Quartettes (£16) with the Christmas collection with equally as beautiful a formula! Eye colour products from Pixi are a no-fail, with actually smudge-proof Straight On Till Morning Liner (£9.50) and smooth, pigmented Lid Shadow Pens (£12).

Pixi perfumes - absolutely stunning scents and unique, cute packaging!

Some Pixi skincare.

Sneak peek of the Spring collection released in March.

Can some things come across as young? Sure. Are the lip products going down well with me? Not as of yet. That's how it is with most brands right? But I feel we're on to a winner with the Early Bird palette (tutorial coming soon, hopefully!) and eye colour products.

Eyeliners, even those with glitter, did not budge despite my borderline violent attempt at scrubbing it off, and the crayons were similar to my favourite yet inaccessible Sephora Jumbo Liners. And don't get me started about the eyeshadows - SO smoooooth and pigmented! Above all, you're not going to pay an arm and a leg for any these products. Most of the products range from £10 to £20 which is within most peoples' budgets, whether you think of it as a treat or as a good quality everyday product. 

I feel absolutely privileged to have gotten my very own Early Bird palette, because I think it's absolutely genius! And it shows that the powder formula of the brand in general is amazing quality, as I've found from my experience using the bronzers and blushers. On first impressions, they were so soft and applied super evenly and feathered on the skin. An additional thing I like is how the packaging is not overly Christmas, which means you wont look like a knob busting it out come Spring-time..

My verdict? Pixi is an adorable brand with the modern woman in mind - lots of practical engineering, an aim for the fresh face with an edge of cute elegance with the light green packaging. Let's just say Pixi's joined the team of brands I will consult when I need an eye product. The fear of the unknown's been withered away, and I will undoubtedly be popping back to uhm and ah over the crayon liners and the quads! The quality is just superb. 

Have you tried any Pixi products?
What are your thoughts?

You can order Pixi products on their website and on ASOS.


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  1. I adore the look of the Early Bird palette, and the value for money is incredible - but I know that as it's in palette form, I'll pop it into a drawer, in an attempt to keep my dressing table clear, and then forget it's there constantly, as I always do... it is phenomenal value though... oh Yu, I'm all torn ;o) x

    1. Some would say the packaging is too pretty to put away in a drawer.. http://www.pixibeauty.co.uk/kits/early-bird-kit ;) It's fab - your whole face in one palette! :)

  2. I know what you mean about the pale green...I think it looks too young! Like Accessorize makeup. But if you say the products are good Yu, then I trust your judgement :D ! xxxxx

    Sugar and Spice

    1. Ohh yeah Accessorize make-up I've stayed away from from some reason, maybe that's why! Aww thanks Heather!

  3. Awww I want to try :)



  4. The palette sounds amazing, definitely one for the Christmas list!

    Maria xxx

    1. Maria I couldn't recommend it enough, it's brilliant I'm using it everyday :)

  5. I love cute brands like Pixi - I'm never growing up so I don't find them childish at all! I'm adding that Earlybird palette to my Christmas list right now! Xx

    1. Hahaha love it! Yea you'd love it Gemma, it's such a good palette :)


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