*Let's GetYuReady*: Everyday Smokey Eye

After discovering the amazing YouTube search term that is, "Get Ready With Me" (it's my new favourite type of videos to watch - send them over if you have any yourself!), I've decided to do one of my own! Recently I've been loving wearing this look..

It's a subtle everyday smokey look using Nic's tips on smokey eyes for small eyes - it's dramatically changed how well a smokey eye suits me and I've enjoyed it much more than I did a few weeks back!

I also thought it might be a good opportunity to show you guys some new products that have entered my daily routine since I finished a few products, and since I took up Lil Lady Life's philosophy of using the same products everyday in trying to use up products! If you want to hear reviews on any of these products, do give me a shout in the comments below :)

But for now, let's get Yu ready! (Yes I take the mick out of my own name.. might as well join in with the rest of the world!)

I hope you enjoyed my first ever Let's GetYuReady!
Please see the YouTube page for details on all the products I used :)

Have you used any of these products?
What is your go-to look these days?



  1. I love this video! You look so pretty, love the eye makeup



  2. This looks great on you! I love your eye shape xx

  3. My favorite videos are 'get ready videos' as well!

    1. Haha yeah Idk if it's just nosy or if it's just fun to watch!

  4. I love this type of video too. I love the faces you were pulling at your hair haha :) xo

  5. You look great! Love the two eyeshadows together

    1. Thanks Gaelle! Yes they are a great pair :)


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