CoverFX: Repackaged, Reformulated, Relaunched

Earlier in the year, I was introduced to the brand CoverFX and had the chance to try a few of their products. Being a primarily foundation-based brand, it was so up my street. However, I was torn. The finishes were always lovely, but getting there was always a mission. The products didn't blend well, they didn't work with many of the traditional application methods and it was all just a bit difficult.

Now I must have not been the only one thinking this, as CoverFX have freshly reformulated and repackaged their entire line, and let me tell you - they've done well. Extremely well.

CoverFX Relaunched

The reformulated and repackaged CoverFX launched earlier in October, and is now available in House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols. The line has always been free from mineral oils, fragrances, glutens and parabens and was originally derived for a more dermatological purpose of helping to cover burns and other skin issues. So the products are useable even on the most sensitive skins. I think it's quite hard to find a cosmetic line that's mineral oil and paraben free, so I've always been impressed by CoverFX in that respect.

Some products from the new line that I've photographed above include the new Total Cover Cream Foundation SPF30 (£37), Pressed Mineral Foundation (£31) and the Illuminating Setting Powder (£29). They also have some brushes - the two you can see above are the Cream Foundation Brush and the Powder Brush. The latter is fantastic and something I hope to write about in more depth in the future. The former, in my opinion, is skippable and the concept is much better executed in the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. Other reformulated products include the Blotting Powder (£23) and the Matte Setting Powder (£29).

Now it might be confusing seeing as it's not a designer brand but has prices that are actually higher than most, and the packagings are pretty bog standard. In my opinion, you pay for the ingredients, the new formula (I would not recommend paying for the old un-reformulated ones, from my experience), and the colour selection. The colour selection is impressive, and something worth checking out if you are 1) struggling to find your perfect colour or 2) are as anal as I am with colour-matching. As the previous Managing Director from MAC now works with CoverFX, you can even convert your MAC shades to CoverFX shades using this chart.

New vs. Old Total Coverage Cream Foundation
I was so pleased to hear that CoverFX was reformulating their cream foundation because the relationship between myself and the old one was totally bittersweet. The finish was gorgeous - so natural and very flawless, yet the application was a nightmare. Sponges tore, brushes too dense didn't blend and those not dense enough didn't pick up colour. I can now confirm that the formula is much softer and blendable and applicator-friendly. You can use any old sponge or foundation brush with it, which is what you want from a pretty expensive foundation. It's also travel-friendly, as you can use it as concealer with the included sponge or a finger.

The only differences I've noticed are the packaging (which is actually exactly the same shape despite looking sleeker, just glossier and in a slightly shimmering dark blackened green), and the formula, which I feel has slightly less coverage (still medium) and slightly dewier. However, I think this will work in favour of CoverFX as they start taking a more consumer-based approach instead of their past clinical approach. Most people who want to use cream foundations are probably those with drier skins who will appreciate the extra hydration. If you want a more in-depth comparison, please do leave me a comment below :)

The Powders
The powders were products I hadn't tried in the old formula, so it was a completely new experience for me. So far, I'm very impressed with the Pressed Mineral Foundation - more so than the cream actually! The coverage is mind-blowing and something I didn't expect from a powder foundation at all. Even with my acne scarring and redness, I didn't need any concealer to feel comfortable. I've so far only applied it with one certain buffing brush, but I will try it with some more and hopefully report back ;) The Illuminating Setting Powder has been largely untouched, so I can't say much more as of yet!

Good move CoverFX. In the past I didn't recommend people try CoverFX because of its difficulty and the prices, but now I think I can, purely because not only will you find a perfect colour match, you will also get a product with less harmful ingredients than most cosmetics, and I think the prices are justified for that. From my experience, the Total Coverage Cream Foundation, the Pressed Mineral Foundation and the Powder Brush are true winners and the ones to watch for! ;)

You can get CoverFX from Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser in the UK.


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  1. you were not the last one to know Cover Fx reformulated and re packaged, i had NO IDEA! my Sephora still has all the old stock i guess!

    1. Some products haven't been reformulated or repackaged actually, so you might have seen the other products! :)

  2. This is a great post! I love Cover FX cream foundation for concealer! Please do a review on the new formulations, it would be much appreciated!! :)

    1. Yes they're great for concealer! :) I will once I use them some more, if I don't do remind me! :)

  3. Oh wow, I didn't know about this at all. I used to use CoverFX way back when my skin was unstable but I did feel it was harder to work with than it should be. A step in the right direction with the dewier finish, will probably blend better too. What I loved most was the impeccable colour selection :-)

    1. Oh I agree the colour selection is one of the best parts! It's so nice to find something that really works :)


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