05.13.11 - LUSH Bubble Bar Haul :)

I honestly believe that once you bathe with LUSH's Bubble Bars, it's REALLY hard to find anything that compares. After using my last bit of Blue Skies last week (which so far I think I can say is my favourite Bubble Bar), I stocked up on my trip to Oxford with some friends, including the lovely Danni from Ellieand :)

Oh the yellow paper goodness.

I decided to try some new Bubble Bars, as well as some old favourites. Here are the newbies to my LUSH experience:

A French Kiss - £3.95

Probably the most expensive Bubble Bar, considering it is nowhere near the size of the Comforter or Blue Skies, which may be in price more expensive at £3.99, but can be used about 4 times. For this reason, I expect this little lavender-scented bubble bar to blow me out of the water (preferably not literally).

Dorothy Bubble - £2.95

So bright, so pretty. Smells gorgeously fresh - a bit worried my water is going to turn green, but we shall see :)

And here are some old favourites:

Amandopondo - £2.50

After my review of it here, I did say I would get another one to see if the detoxing effect was really there, of it I was just extra tired that night I tried it for the first time. It's also just irresistibly cute and the smell is gorgeous lemon sweetness :)

The Comforter - £3.99

Who doesn't love the Comforter? I think in general I do prefer Blue Skies, just because it's a more refreshing smell, which is the main reason why I take baths and treat myself to LUSH Bubble Bars. But because the rest of my Bubble Bars this time were all zingy smells, I decided to go for something sweet :) And the pink is gorgeous in the bath!

So that's all I got! :) Very excited to use all these, especially because exam times are ahead and I will need all the relaxing help I can get!

What are your favourite LUSH Bubble Bars? :)



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