The BodyShop Haul & Giveaway Win! :)

I do love the BodyShop, most of you probably already know that, but I friggin' hate their Love Your Body card, because the rewards are so complicated and you can't actually get the reward unless you spend £10! Anyway, I did use it because I was running low on stuff and wanted to use it towards my holiday at the end of June :) Here's what I got!

Mini Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub
Mini Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel
Mini Pink Grapefruit Body Butter
Born Lippy in Mango Peach
Body Polish in Satsuma

For that I paid £13, which is a good deal BUT - I would have preferred to just buy something that's a tenner for a fiver. Needless to say I don't think I'll be renewing the card after this year, their website has amazing deals on all the time anyway!

But yes, the Pink Grapefruit range is my fave - could you tell? ;P I've already used up a full size of their body gel, and I also quite like the Satsuma range and use their body gel as well. I've got the Born Lippy in Pink Guava which is one of my favourite lip balms for the summer, and I've only got about 30% of it left so I think a back-up was in order :)

I also got some goodies in the post today after I won a giveaway over at 25FLONDON :)

OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy
Cadbury's Mini Eggs (which my boyfriend has already ransacked..)
Some ramen soup.. LOL! (inside joke)

Thank you H! So yes, very happy with today's hoard-age! :)

Whilst on this shopping trip I stopped by the Dior counter and got a sneak peek of the new bronzers coming out on the 19th - AND I got to swatch them, the woman was so lovely! Very exciting :) Definitely have my eyes on Aurora - you can take a look at them here. It's definitely a lot darker in real life. The finish was matte with a few shimmers from the brown :)

I also got some samples of some foundations as I am on the hunt for my first ever high-end foundation - VERY EXCITING, AGAIN :D And, I swatched NARS's blush in Torrid - definitely on the wishlist! Very glad that I have pulled out of the make-up slump!

That being said I have calmed down in the past 6 months in that I really only ever buy things that when I'm doing my makeup, think, "I wish I had a coral blush", rather than looking at a product in a store and going "Ooo that's pretty, I'll get that!" cuz the former actually means you'll use it.. if you know what I mean. I love it, anyway, I am maturing ;P

Other than that the boyfriend and I had a lovely day in the small town, we treated ourselves to a lovely meal at Pizza Express - although, we are both itching to move to the city :)



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