Buyer's Remorse? The Bobbi Brown Corrector.

Recently, as a kind of treat to myself after having 5 weeks of utter hell trying to finish 2 projects and a dissertation, I bit the bullet and bought the newly formulated Bobbi Brown Corrector that I've heard being raved about all over the beauty community. I know that the Concealer Kit is probably what most people would have gone for, but I still love my MAC Studio Finish, so I decided to go for the Corrector (semi in preparation for the exam studying times ahead.. woop!)

Now for £17, I did let out a bit of a wail when I saw how small this thing actually is. You get 1.4g - 1.4g, how do you even measure that? But I wasn't put off, I was just very hopeful that it will turn out to be the HG status corrector that it seems to be for many - if only for the sake of my own health, lol. So here are the results:

Without anything:

With the Corrector:

The Correcter set with blue corrective powder from the ELF Complexion Perfection Powder:

It's not the amazing disappearance that I'd hoped for - not for £17 anyway. Maybe I had too high hopes for it, or maybe I'm applying it wrong. I found that dabbing it with a flat synthetic concealer brush was the best way, and that using fingers was just close to unblendable. That being said, I've noticed that it doesn't look cakey AT ALL, and that it does not crease or wear off - brownie points?

I found this video from Bobbi Brown last night, so I'm hoping to give it a shot this morning again :)

As with the NARS Eyeshadow Duo dilemma that I had a few weeks back, I am insistent on making this fully work to the way I want it to, including possibly investing in a MAC 224 as suggested by Vivianna, because I need that brush anyway. Until then..

What do you think about the BB Correcter?
Does anyone have any tips or tricks to make this baby perform miracles?



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