Why I Love NARS Blushers..

A few days ago, when I realised that I had just ordered my third NARS blush ever, I thought - why do I keep going back to NARS? Believe it or not, 3 is the most I have out of any brand of blushers! They're the most expensive blusher that I own and they don't have the biggest colour range ever - so why them?

So I sat down and came up with a few things (excluding packaging because I'm just cosmetics-superficial like that) that makes me go back to them:

1. Practical colours.
2. Value for money.
3. Natural finish.

Practical Colours:

Yes, there aren't a lot of colours in their range - there's about 26 powder blushes, which is nothing compared to MAC's 50 billion (a slight guestimate there). But I think their trick is in the fact that they have the practical variations of pinks, peaches, tans and mauves, with various finishes.
They don't bother with the 3 shades of mauve that are only sliiiiightly different from each other. They give you choices that are practical, and it's very easy to choose between shades because they are different enough.

Also, 26 is a lot less overwhelming than the miniature blusher staircase that MAC displays often come across as (although this has its benefits when you have something specific in mind!). I do feel that the reason why I only have 1 MAC blush is that I never know which one to choose! There's so many nuances and finishes that sometimes I'm just like - screw it.

(L: Sin, R: Orgasm)

2. Value for Money

Yes, I've just said that NARS blushers, at £20.50 a pop, are the most expensive blushers I own - but how often have you seen a NARS blusher that has hit pan? I think I've seen about 2 on the whole of YouTube and Blogger (*cough* Roseanne *cough* TiffanyD). I use the least dense blusher brush for these blushes, and tap on the product, because otherwise I'd look like a clown, which is proof to the fact that these will last you FOREVER, and that the £20.50 is an investment (that being said, you're screwed if you end up with a colour you don't like - so choose wisely!)

(Orgasm, see Sin face swatch here)

3. Natural Finish

Now, I don't own the overly glittery or the matte blushers from NARS, but I can say that Sin and Orgasm are some of the most natural blushers I own. By natural I don't mean the shade (well I do, but that's not the point here), but the finish - it doesn't cake, it's not powdery, and it doesn't defeat the purpose of me using a 'second skin' foundation. Sometimes, I find that blushers do that, by making it obvious that you've got a layer of powder on your skin. It definitely lets my skin show through, which I think is crucial for a natural look, that people often forget because there's a general stereotype that pigmented = better. 

(L: Sin, R: Orgasm)

So yes. I fully recommend NARS blushers, and think they deserve the hype that they get - especially the ones you see above there. I do love them, as they are my 2 go-to blushers for the respective colour category (mauve and pink!)

Do you like NARS blushers?
Which NARS blushers do you love, or want in the future? :)
..do you say blushers or blushes? :S Which is correct?!

Keep your eyes peeled for a post on my 3rd NARS blusher..blushes..(?) ;)



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