Nails Inc., & In Style Magazine

I fully intended to avoid the magazine freebies this month but I couldn't help myself with the In Style offering of Nails Inc., - not because they were Nails Inc., but because of these two colours:

L: Fashion Fawn, R: Electric Teal

Fashion Fawn originally caught my eye because I thought it kind of resembled Nails Inc., London from the Boots offer from about 2 years ago, which I totally missed out on, and it's a pinkier version of Caramel from Nails Inc., which was in the Boots offer last year. It's a great taupey nude!

Electric Teal is a gorgeous deep dark teal - to be incredibly cheesy, reminds me of the seas in the Philippines. It really does play with your mind, I cannot put my finger on whether it's forest green or dark blue - very interesting colour, and I think a great classy colour for the summer that's a nice breather from the bright in-yo-face colours :)

The third colour you can get is a bright orange, which as much as it was pretty, I skipped on because I wasn't really sure if I'd wear it very often. Now that I'm looking at the pictures though, I think I would - I just dunno who to give the extra magazine to, LOL. At the same time the colour wasn't so unique that I couldn't get it from any other brand, whereas Fashion Fawn and Electric Teal I think are unique enough :)

I just applied Electric Teal, and the application was amazing. I'm usually not the biggest fan of Nails Inc., brushes or formulas, so I only ever get them when they're freebies, but I felt the formula dried faster, was a lot more opaque and very creamy. The brush also did not bug me either. Sadly it's getting a bit cloudy so I couldn't get a great pic up for you guys :(

I also really like the magazine! It's a no bullshit, straight to the point, well-balanced mag :) Can see myself getting some in the future, I just wish they had smaller sizes for my bag!

Did you pick any of the In Style Nails Inc., up? :)



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