May 26th was my birthday - and despite waking up with a soar throat and a splitting headache, I had an amazing birthday! :) I could write it out for you but it would be a bit boring, so here are some pics of the things I received and things I did :)

My birthday haul to myself - will post on products/tell you what they are in another post :)

One of the lippies from the haul, and 2 others from blogsales.. I also got a brush but I forgot to take a pic..

Eye products from the haul..

Some face products + a Sephora goodie from a friend :)

Everyone knows I love pigs.. 2 stamps from my mom, and a speaker/radio from said friend - CUTE!

A card and lovely stationary from my mom..

Birthday cards! Yes, the pig theme carries on here as well.. :P

Choccies and wine.. the middle box courtesy of the lovely Danni <3

The best gifts of the year! A trip to Berlin from my lovely boyfriend and a Kindle from my parents :)

..with the best case, ever.

The day started with a brekkie made by the boyfriend, and a lunch at the local pub with some friends. Then after a stroll around town, we went to see the Pirates of the Caribbean 4! (which, btw, are one of my favourite series, as my mom apparently knows..)

She sent me a shirt XD

I also got some jewelry from friends that I forgot to photograph (as I was wearing them LOL), but the same love goes out to them.

I had a lovely lovely birthday, and thanks to everyone that sent me birthday wishes via Twitter :) I got lots of private messages on Facebook from my friends, as my wall has decided to disappear.. lol.

The birthday spirit carried on until this afternoon, when I went to the BBQ hosted by a society I founded with my friend 2 years ago, where the exec had gotten me a chocolate cake and I experienced the embarrassment that is being sung happy birthday amongst a crowd of people.. :P

I love that the weather and my health had absolutely no say in the amount of fun I had! :) I'll leave you with what my mom wrote me in the card:

"21 is still an age when you are stupid. However, there are things that you can only do when you're stupid, so enjoy."



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