Spring Nails! - Rimmel Lycra Pro Aqua Cool :)

I'm back with another nail post - yaaaaay :). So if you haven't seen my haul post from the other day (here), I picked up some of the new Rimmel Lycra Pro Professional Finish nailpolishes! I tried one out last night and fell in LOOOOOVE, as I do with most Rimmel polishes, so I thought I'd show you guys :)

Here I've got Rimmel's Lycra Pro Professional Finish in 420 Aqua Cool, which is like a cobalt blue (which I usually hate, but how lovely is it for a Spring-time nail colour?), and Rimmel's 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 405 Rose Libertine, which is like a warm milky mid-tone pink :)

I absolutely ADORE the new Lycra Pro, and have always loved the 60 Seconds one. They both have the same wide brush that makes application so easy, the formulation for both are just the right consistency - not too runny, not too thick, and they both dry quite quickly (quick enough for my patience standards, which is quite impressive really) and finish with a natural gloss.

However, the Lycra Pro in Aqua Cool (not sure about the other colours) was a bit sheerer than 60 Seconds, although 3 layers did the trick :) I couldn't tell you about the 10 day lasting claim, but we'll see! They did increase the amount from 8mL to 12mL as you can see from the bottle sizes - I don't know why, but fine with me! :P

I would definitely recommend checking the new Lycra Pro out, they have very unique colours such as the one above. I think this one was the most unique out of them all, but they also did have one which looked like a very close dupe to Barry M's Dusky Mauve. But because I love this formula and brush so much more, I can see myself getting the Rimmel one rather than the Barry M ones. Also, these are on offer at the moment at Superdrug for 3 for 2 (which works out at about £9) so there's my tip for the day ;)

Have you tried any Rimmel polishes? What are your recent nailpolish loving guys? :)



  1. Lovely colours, I found the brush too big with the Lycra pro polish.x

  2. I find that the Rimmel brushes are really good as well, almost as good as the OPI ones! I love the colour you got for the Lycra Pro, what a gorgeous dusky blue :)

  3. Ahh Yu I want them! But noooo I am on a ban!

  4. Love this nail polish look! The light blue is very lovely! I found one very similar in Essie!


  5. Ohh these colours are lovely, iv never tried rimmer polishes! :) xx

  6. I really like the brush on the pro polishes, but I find they chip very very easily. xx

  7. Ooh the colours go so lovely together Yu! yum. makes me want to eat sweets. A lot of them. x

  8. ahh love these colours so pretty!!! I like the wide rimmel brushes aswell :) xxx

  9. love the nail polish colours! i really like your blog! i am following you, please follow back! http://loveandco-lara.blogspot.com/ xxx

  10. I love those colours :) please follow me :) im following you :)
    this is my blog-
    thankss :) Xxxx
    ps amazing blog !

  11. Cute cute cute! I've seen the one nail a different color thing a couple times lately. Definitely need to try that.
    Just Me aghan

  12. Love the colors, super cute!

  13. I love the blue... and I love your blog. Very informative :) Im following you.

    Follow me too! :)

  14. So cute! Definately going to do this look tomorrow! xx

  15. Theyre some really nice corals there :) I love barry m anything and recently the bubblegum pink. usually i use Chanel's fire engine though :) xxx

    Take a look at my blog over here :)

  16. I love rimmel nail polishes, never disappoint! great blog btw =)


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