What Did I Get in March? :)

Third month down of my Project Pan, and I've got a total of 7/15 products! Not too bad, but not amazing either, but my mascara is on the verge of drying out, I can hardly hold my eyeliner and my concealer is starting to dry out as well as I had to depot it to get use of all the product. Hopefully by the end of April, I'll be more than 2/3 of the way! :)

Anyway, here are the things I treated myself to this month:

* MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in Cyndi (£13.50)
* MAC Eyeshadow in Naked Lunch (£9.50)
* MAC MSF in So Ceylon (Yummy Mummy's Blogsale!)

L to R: So Ceylon, Naked Lunch, Cyndi.

Cyndi is an incredibly wearable cherry red, due to its sheer nature. Not sure if it's still available, it's worth a check in MAC stores and Debenhams. If you've been toying with the idea - just go for it. I was toying with it for months, and do not regret it :)

Naked Lunch I've raved about forever now, so I wont bore you. Here's my post on it :)

I've developed an addiction for MSFs, and So Ceylon is my first bronze one - most definitely influenced by TiffanyD - I love her! :) I was hoping it'd be a great all over the face bronzer, but it's kind of a pinky bronze so it works amazingly as a blush/contour. I haven't used it a lot to be honest because I've been trying to use the bronzer for my Project Pan, but I imagine I'll be reaching for it a lot in the summer :) So Ceylon is a bit similar, but a lot less coppery than my Hard Candy Bombshell. Still on the look out for a more yellow-toned bronze MSFs (lemme know of any blogsales! :P), but so glad I got this it is simply gorgeous and I can't wait to use it!

What have you gotten this month that you have been in love with? :)



  1. Oooh I love the Cyndi lipstick it looks like the perfect red!! xxx

  2. Ah, I love So Ceylon! I should use it more often. & maybe write a post about MSF's! I love the idea of Cyndi, but have convinced myself that reds do not suit me. I should give it a go though, right?! *adds to list*

  3. @Natalie - It issss, I love it! :) I've heard the VG range is supposed to suit all skintones in theory but Idk if that applies to the celeb ones cuz I cannot see myself with the old Gaga one lol :)

    @kirstyb - It is indeed! Thanks :)

    @25FLONDON - Me too! But I put it on today and it looked kinda reddish.. hmph :( Must practice some more, I'm on the lookout for Comfort though. You should! I found Cyndi lipglass the easiest to work with, would def recommend, more than the lippie actually!


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