I Miss You, Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser.

I know the title is very.. romanticised, but this is actually a review, hehe. I'm sure you guys have all read reviews of this Hot Cloth Cleanser, and to make mine a bit different from everyone else's reviews, I waited until I finished it up, and went back to the cleanser that I used to use to really figure out the difference that this product makes. Here's what I came up with:

1) It STRIPS the dirt on your face - you really feel like all the grime and dead skin is off your face, but it's not done so in a drying and stinging way, but in a very natural way by exfoliating your face with a muslin cloth. It doesn't feel like there's some chemical reactions going on on your face, and it doesn't feel intrusive at all. Since I've gone back to my old face wash, my face never feels completely clean and smooth.

2) It makes your moisturizer sink it a lot better. It must be the fact that the layer of dead skin cells are gone, as my face drinks up the moisturizer, and in the morning, my face is supple. Now that I've gone back to my face wash, I feel a bit greasy in the morning, like with moisturizer residue on my face, rather than plumpy and young.

3) It's SUCH an easy routine. No drippy watery face in between getting product on your hands and lathering it up, because you just massage it directly on to your face.

4) It calms down your skin in every which way - I used to have normal/combination skin, but during the time I used this product I felt like I just had normal skin. Now that I'm going back to my old face wash, I'm feeling the oily patches come back. I'm also experiencing a lot more pimples and redness than I did when I used the Hot Cloth Cleanser at this time of the month (sorry for TMI).

5) My skin was literally 'polished'. It was so so so smooth - smoother than when I used my St. Ives Apricot Scrub! I miss it! :( This obviously makes the make-up go on so much nicer as well.

Admittedly, this cleanser didn't work on me straight away. I only started seeing the miracle results after 1 month (although people around me started to see the difference after the first use!), so for those who used it a few times and wasn't amazed, I urge you to keep trying, even if it's so you can use it up. Also, do NOT be stingy with this product, unless you can see the opaqueness on your skin, you aren't using enough! It makes a big difference in the results - trust me, I was stingy at first :P

Also, I didn't like using it as a make-up remover. I know it says it can be used to remove make-up but I just thought it was a waste of product, it made the muslin cloth unnecessarily dirty, and it just wasn't great at removing waterproof mascara and eyeliner in between my lashes. £1 baby wipes and oil-based eye make-up remover can take care of that :)

The main thing I didn't like was the packaging - it's so beautiful and elegant, but you can't twist open the pump, which means even when you think you're done there's still loads of product in there that just can't be sucked up with the pump. It's not the cheapest of products so I wish there was a way to use every last drop!

But yes, I deeply miss my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. These 2 points are things that I am more than willing to ignore because the product itself is amazing - 10/10 for sure! Also, the company has so many environmental and other ethical incentives that earns them mega brownie points from me :)

I'm a P&P hater so I was going to wait until I got myself to London or Manchester to repurchase, but I have a strong feeling that I wont be able to wait that long!

Who else is a Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser lover? Has it NOT worked for anyone?


P.S. All my non-single ladies! Keep an eye out for the Man Review of the Men's Hot Cloth Cleanser - the boy is currently using the man version, and will be sharing his thoughts hopefully in a couple of weeks :)


  1. I waited until I could get to a John Lewis when I got home from uni to buy this and I'm so glad I did! I suffer with sensitive, dry and patchy skin and this has worked wonders! I can actually go make-up free and still look nice :) I love that it's suitable for basically any skin type! Good review! xxx

  2. Fantastic review hun!! I've not jumped on the Liz Earle bandwagon but instead opted for the Yes to Carrots version of it. Now I'm intrigued!xx

  3. I want this so bad. I think I will buy it as my next cleanser, do you have any other Liz Earle products you would recommend, so I can get everything in on one order? lol I was thinking about the toner as well =)

  4. I'm using the No7 version of this and its soo great I can actually go makeup less to work these days...i love using a muslin cloth my face feels sooo nice....Its getting a bit grubby though...any idea where I can get another...

    when im in landan i'll be sure to get this...yay!!! :)

  5. You live in the West Midlands... Do you know where Solihull is? The John Lewis at Touchwood Centre sells Liz Earle. :) I still haven't tried this after all these years. I'm usually one of the first to jump for crazes... My skin is really thin and sensitive... Are the muslin cloths harsh? I only use creamy exoliators on my face and only do it 2-3x a month.

  6. @Daisy - Totally agree with the no-make up thing, I love it! :)

    @Katey - Oo I haven't heard of that one! Will recommend this one highly though :)

    @Vida - I haven't tried anything, but check out ViviannaDoesMakeup's video review or StarViolet's blog, they both have a few of her things! :)

    @Nilufar - I think you can get muslin cloths at Boots :) I have heard that once you use the Liz Earle one, the No7 one feels greasy ;)

    @Bee - Yeah, I just don't have a car! :( The muslin cloths are really soft, my boyfriend has sensitive and redness-prone skin and is completely fine with these! Can't speak for everyone though, of course. But you can control how hard you rub, so I usually only gently wipe/massage my face and it does the trick! :)

  7. You already know how much I'm in love with Liz Earle so I don't think I need to say more lol Definitely my best buy of the year and it's not even over yet! :D

  8. Wow...I think I must really try it then someday... I'm loving the Garnier Light Clarifying Cleanser at the moment (only avaliable in Asia). I've suddenly had this bout of dry skin...usually it's more combination. So I switched to dry/sensitive cleansers and so on but still had flaky bits. For some reason, trying that cleanser again (I hadn't finished it from before) and flakiness has gone! I cna't figure out why this worked and creamy cleansers didn't... Oh yes, about Liz Earle in Solihull... Solihull is really easily accessible from Birmingham by train and there must be trains from where you live to Birmingham?

  9. @Rachel - Hahaha yeah I totally agree :)

    @Bee - Ah yeah, that's true.. Idk if I'm going to the train station though (which isn't very close!) I'd rather go all out to the city, because if I go all the way to Solihull I would've paid atleast twice as much as P&P :P


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