Mentions of the Week #5

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate! The boy and I are cooped up in our flat doing work.. nothing special about today, lame :(

Anyway, haven't done one of these in ages! I kinda lost track of the days when holidays started lol. But it's back! :)

Next Men's Golden Sunglasses - £13

I have such a large head and such a small nose that most sunglasses don't fit me at all - in fact, these aren't perfect either but I figured they were as close as they were going to get, and I genuinely do love them! :) I really wanted green ones hehe.

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Taiga - £23.50

A bit obvious I suppose, but I've been wearing the green colour all over my lid and because it's sheer, it's really great for day time. I love it, it's a quick morning fix! :)

I don't have any! :( I've been really struggling finding the perfect nude and perfect pink lips because my skin is so tan now - so I am on the major lookout for new lip products that I'm hoping to get for my 21st. Wishlist will be up soon :)

NARS Orgasm Blush - £20.50

I really do like this blush, it gives a really natural finish to my skin! That being said, unless its really nicely placed it can look like a bad flush, so I've been relearning and watching shedloads of blush videos from the likes of TiffanyD (my favourite!) and Tanya Burr.

MAC Studio Moisture Tint in Medium Dark - £20

 I got this in a blogsale so I only paid half price for it, but it's something that I've been trying out this week. So far it's average, not amazing, but I hope to have a review of it soon :) This comes from a person that's never really used a tinted moisturizer so I think it's fair enough that I'm like, "WHERE'S THE COLOUR?!" every morning..


Soap&Glory Big Make-Up Bag - £10.21

I've been going on a bit of a make-up bag hunt since a late night Twitter conversation with 25FLONDON, and this is one of the bags that I'm thinking I might get myself with my Boots points. The travel make-up bag I have now is kinda too big, and completely squishes my brushes so this one looks long enough to fix that (even if I'm looking into getting travel brushes :P), and it's cute! This is another one I have my eyes on:

MAC SoftSac Small Makeup Bag - £16

I kind of want something small and sleek for my bag - I have a black Dior imitation which is doing fine right now, so I probably wont get this for a while but.. it's fun to dream :)

What has been your stand-out product this week? :) What are you up to for Easter Sunday?



  1. I love the sunglasses on you chick! The make-up bag sounds like a good idea too, I always realise how much I need one when I'm packing up my suitcase cos I suddenly realise I'm just throwing my make-up in loose. I'm terrified that one of these days something will leak and go all over my clothes lol I like the look of the MAC one!

  2. I love the Soap & Glory make up bag I have my eye on that too :-)

  3. Cant wait for your wishlist post chick!! My grandad bought me a make-up bag with a pug on it the other week that will come in handy for my carrying in my bag! I love the S&G one!! :)xxx

  4. lovely blog! check mine out!
    xoxo I hope you can support me by following x :)

  5. Ooh love the sunglasses & The Soap and Glory bag! Lovely post :) Hope you've had a lovely weekend :) x

  6. love the makeup! those eyeshadow colors are amazing! :)

  7. Ooh those sunglasses look nice! Can't wait for the tinted moisturiser review x

  8. I loove those sunglasses :) I'm a new follower just found your blog looking forward to stopping by often

  9. Cute blog! You've done really well!
    Would love your support for mine xo

  10. Is it sad that the only thing I wouldn't have guessed would have been the sunglasses?! Too much twitter talk! ':D

    Which travel brushes are you thinking of getting? Sigma?

  11. @Rachel - Haha it's sad because I could probably justify the S&G one more but I would rather spend my money on the MAC one! :P

    @Catherine - It IS very cute! :D

    @Natalie - Aww that sounds so cute haha, you have such a nice grandpa! :D

    @Corrie - Thanks! You too :)

    @Leigh - Haha yeah they're very pretty :)

    @Christina - It might be a while yet, but I will get around to it! :D

    @Vanessa - Thanks so much, I'm glad you like! :)

    @Miss Katatny - Thanks :)

    @25FLONDON - LOL most definitely :P Yeah, Sigma ones! :) Do you have them?

  12. I really want to try Nars Orgasm and it looks really nice on you!!
    I now also want the soap & glory bag :-) Im a new follower (also a blogger from the west midlands) and love your blog x x


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