Love at First Sight! Essie - Body Language :)

I've got my first ever Essie - and it was one of those 'love at first sight' products when I received it! :) Hadn't had those in ages, so I was excited from the get-go. I've heard so much about Essie and honestly I just wanted to try it out to see if I'd like it, and see if it'd compare to my love for OPIs.

 I've been looking for a really really light grey-ish taupe colour for a while, and I was ecstatic when I saw this online - it was just a coincidence that it was from Essie:

Essie - Body Language

It's so frustrating that the picture doesn't do it justice :( It's like a extremely light taupe, and against my warm-toned skin it brings out a bit more of the purple-ish tint which I looooove. This is exactly what I was looking for, as a perfect Spring nude. I didn't want a pastel pink or peach - I wanted something stranger, but light enough to be Spring-ey :) It feels SO good to have got it right on the first buy! (Sorry for the messy application.. lol)

This picture is a bit more accurate :)

In terms of the formulation though, I wasn't a fan. The brush I found was a bit thin, but I could live with that because the consistency was quite watery, and so the liquid kind of spread on its own beyond the brush. However, it was also kind of streaky and even after 3 coats I wasn't sure if it was completely even throughout the whole nail. In addition, the drying time was no where near as short as OPI.

So while the colour is to die for, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't have found a more perfect colour from any brand, that would be the only reason why I'd buy from Essie again. I've heard that they have a new formula out in the States, and the packaging is a little bit different, so I'll probably try them again when I see some of those on eBay :)

Do you have any polishes from Essie? Which one's are your favourite?



  1. Yaaaay! You finally got it. But just so yo know, the body language texture is a bit special in comparison to the others Essie. Usually the others apply like a dream! :) It looks perfect with your skin tone.
    I have many Essie and my favourites must be : Haute as Hello, Lapis of Luxury, Turquoise and Caicois Mint Candy Apple, Sew Psyched :)

  2. I love Essie Polishes, sorry to hear you didn't get on with the formula babe.

  3. I love Essie, i dont have a favorite yet because they have so many pretty shades. This color is gorgeous :)

    Xo Christine

  4. ooooh I have been looking for a polish just like this! that is the perfect colour Love it! :) xxx

  5. This is really pretty, I've never tried Essie before either, I want to try Van d'Go because apparently its really similar to OPI's Hopelessly in Love which isn't out anymore. Although, if you don't think the formula is as good then maybe I should just look on ebay for the OPI!

    By the way, I went looking for the 28 Neutral palette the other day and Jolieee has gone! I don't know who to buy from now, any other recommendations?! I'm a bit too new to ebay still and I get really wary of it lol

  6. I was looking for some of their spring limited edition colors but they are sold out everywhere. I did find them on amazon both in the large & mini set & was considering it, but I think you're right...I could likely find the colors in another brand.

  7. This nailpolish is so pretty, I don't think I have anything like it in my collection. Essie nailpolishes vary, with some being really easy to apply, and others that are a mess, but overall I love the brand =)

  8. Yay for Essie! I'm from the states and I don't really like their brush/formula much either but, it doesn't bother me too much. I only have two bottles but, my favorite is "Sew Psyched" which is a "sage pewter". ^^ I have "Luxedo" as well, but it's a little too dark for my taste.


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