Review: Matrix Biolage Fortetherapie Conditioner

So I'm back to reviewing products, as I've been finishing and using lots of products that I've hoarded over time :) One of my favourites has been this conditioner from Matrix, the Biolage Fortetherapie Strengthening Conditioner.

It comes in a 250mL tube, and sells for about £8.75 in salons, and £8.10 at CheapSmells. As far as I'm aware, it's not available in drugstores.

Just as a starting point, my hair is super damaged. It's permed, coloured and it's quite long, and it has a tendency to tangle at the nape of my neck. It's as damaged as it can be without bleaching it really! So if it works on me - it's good stuff.

First things first, I'll admit that the lid is a bit hard to open, especially with wet hands. That being said, the rest of the packaging's great and I have no complaints.

The formula is gorgeous! It's very light, and almost like a gel consistency. It's white and smells kind of like coconut, but not as strong - it's mixed with something that waters down that thickness of a coconut scent. It's a very natural smell though, and I personally don't find it offensive at all.

The way I use this, is that I wash my hair with my shampoo (which isn't from Matrix actually!) and then apply a generous amount of this all over my hair and then tie it up with a hairtie. I then leave it in while I do the rest of my showering business and wash it out in the end.

And oh. my. god, my hair feels like SILK when I wash it out. It's not that heavy, creamy kind of moisturized but it's that clean, light, soft kind of moisturized. It also leaves a really natural gloss, and leaves my hair really healthy-feeling and bouncy - full of life! (Queue cheese). In fact, it's better than any drugstore mask I've tried.

I also don't find the split ends coming back as quickly after I got my hair cut - I really do feel like my hair is strengthened! Also, I shed a lot less using this conditioner. This has changed my hair completely, and has actually made me believe that hair products actually do something and can make a difference! :)

Now I know that £8.10 can seem a lot to spend on a tube that is going to run out in a few months, but I got a tip from a hairdresser, who told me that it's a myth that your conditioner and shampoo have to match. She said that she always buys cheapo shampoo and invests in a really good conditioner. I took her advice, and have not regretted it - I mean, shampoo's just meant to wash your hair right? Why spend fortunes on that? It makes this £8.10 seem a lot more feasible and a lot more efficiently used if you know what I mean :)

For those of you who have sensitive scalps etc., I have no idea about ingredients, so I've taken a picture here so you can double check :) (Although Matrix do a range for those with sensitive scalps!)

If you don't have weak hair as a problem, Matrix actually has quite a wide range of products for different issues with hair. You can check them out here. They have stuff for troubled scalp, for dry hair, for coloured hair, for sensitive hair, and for volume. Impressive range ey, I was a bit surprised lol. I'd love to try the Hydratherapie some time actually!

I'm pretty sure I'll be repurchasing this, as I don't have anything else I want to try or think will do a better job than this at the moment. I used to want to try Redken stuff, but honestly I can't imagine myself being more satisfied with a conditioner, and I'm just a bit wary about the pricing of Redken and I much prefer the calmer looking packaging of Matrix. I give this a 10/10!

Have you tried any Matrix products? What hair products do you swear by? :)



  1. I like the idea of getting a cheap shampoo and spluring on conditioner, I'll have to try that =) This sounds so great, I will def have a look at it next time.

  2. I'm a sucker for anything that smells of coconut. £8 isn't too bad for a tube that size, especially when it works.


  3. Wow such a high rating! I wish I'd ordered this the other day now because I actually just placed a cheapsmells order the other day lol I'll put it on my wishlist for next time :)

  4. Love the idea of a cheap shampoo and spending on the conditioner! I was told by a hairdresser to wash my hair once a week with washing up liquid, as it is just soap, to strip all product build up! Might try that again! x

  5. I have the hyrdratherapie conditioning balm by matrix which is quite nice as a treat for my hair :) I agree the lids are hard to open on them I dropped mine trying to open it and it partly snapped:(
    I might try this one sounds good and I love the smell of coconut!!!


  6. Yeh, I'm sold on this conditioner! When I have some money (hello student loan on the 26th) I'll be buying this!

    I like the idea of investing in a slightly more expensive conditioner, because essentially it's the last thing you wash from your hair so you want it to be good. & if it's good it'll counteract a less expensive shampoo. I guess?!


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