The Big O.

I've finally done it girls. I've got one of the biggest cult items on YouTube/Blogger - the NARS Orgasm blush :)

When I first saw it I was surprised at how bold and bright it was! I'd heard that it was an everyday blush, so I was thinking it would be something more tame.. yeah, no.

Not the best picture, especially cuz I'm not wearing proper foundation in this picture (a third year student in the period before deadlines and exams usually doesn't..) so I didn't have as smooth of a canvas as I usually do, but I really really liked the colour! :)

Sure there's a bit of a gold sheen that everyone that doesn't like Orgasm (who doesn't? Har har har, bad joke) freak out about, but I don't see it being any more frostier than the Frost blushes from MAC, like one of my faves, Style.

I'm really excited to try this out over time, and see if I'm in the O-camp or the Deep Throat-camp - or both?! :) EEP I'M SO EXCITED, I feel like a proper blogger/YouTuber now that I have a cult product hahaha -lame person right here-.

Are you an NARS Orgasm hater or lover? What are your favourite cult products? :)

I think I may be a lover :P


P.S. Quick question to those of you who have bought a NARS product recently - do you find the 'NARS' on the front is bigger and the edges are squared as opposed to rounded? Mine is, do companies change these kinds of things a lot? :/ I bought this Orgasm from ASOS so I'm assuming it's genuine..


  1. I've Orgasm and Deep Throat and I love them both! I personally like Deep Throat for the day, Orgasm for the evening :)

  2. Hahaha I defo want the Deep Throat blush. The Orgasm multiple isn't really my colour so don't reckon I should even bother with the blush! I love the colour on you, def better on warmer skin tones! :)

  3. I swatched both the other day and took an age to decide between them!!! u know i went for deep throat (which I am now madly in love with!!!) but Im definitely going to be going for Orgasm next time,its a beauty!! Looks great on you aswell chick! xxx

  4. I agree with your post. I purchased this last week and it definitely is not an every day blush!


  5. I have Orgasm but not Deep Throat. I use Orgasm more as a night time blush, and although I don't love blush with shimmer this one works well for me & I don't really notice it. My blush is old so I can't help you with the new packaging :)

  6. Nars is a fav of loads of people, great coral colour xoxo

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  7. Ooh this looks great on you! Nars blushes are beautiful...I only have one in deepthroat, but I really want to get more.

  8. @MissKatv - It's really pretty :)

    @MissA* - I can totally see myself getting DT soon - and I blame comments like yours! :P

    @Rachel - Yeah that's what I heard! I've never looked into the multiple, maybe I should.. heh heh.

    @Tara - It is indeed! :)

    @Natalie - Haha and I'd go for DT maybe after I get one of their neutral blushes - I love doing that, getting a range of colours from a brand first :P No idea why.

    @Sana - Everyone seems to be saying that, although I'm wearing it for the day to see how I like it :) I'll see how I find it! :)

    @Tracy D - Yeah I don't really notice the shimmer that much either! I'm still experimenting to see if I like this for the day too, but there seems to be loads of people who just use this for night! :)

    @Vintage Makeup - Thanks! :)

    @Cindy - I think it's one of my faves too :)

    @vida - Thanks love! You should, I need to get DT at one point! :)

  9. I used to have this because I heard so many rave reviews about it. I also bought a matching lipgloss but I can't remember the name now. It's very shimmery but I like shimmer, although it did go all over my face. I did wear it in the day but only with no foundation as otherwise it would've looked too much on me. For some reason, if I put a little bit too much make-up on me, it looks like I've got LOADS on even when I haven't? Funny skin... I've never checked out Deep Throat but you're making me want to. I've started wearing blushes again but only really super light ones as blushes tend to look heavy on me really easily if they're highly pigmented. I'm using the lighter shade of the new Body Shop baked blusher at the moment. Very light, pink and shimmery! :D

  10. I don't know why, but I've never been attracted to NARS Orgasm. It looks great on you though, so I might have to give it the 38628th swatch, just to make sure I really don't want it xD

    & your face in the blush mirror cracked me up!

  11. Ohh, Im so jelaous! I love Nars Orgasm, it looks realy pretty!:)

  12. This looks gorgeous on you, I love the colour...may have to invest in this for myself :)

    Maria xxx

  13. I only caved and bought this a few weeks ago it is really lovely :) I've also bought oasis (please dont buy it its pants! more glitter in it than a xmas card) and next is deep throat. My blush looks exactly like yours, they may have updated the packaging a little? x

  14. I awarded you the kreativ Blogger award looove x

  15. Hey stopped by, Giveaway on my blog!!! :)

    xo Emma

  16. Such a cult shade! Looks lovely on Yu ( see what I did there?!) Hahha I amuse myself xx

  17. Nars Orgasm is AWESOME!! Welcome to team 'O'

  18. @Bee - I've always had my eye on the BodyShop blusher but never got around to it since my Project Pan! Might have to when I'm done though they always look so pretty :)

    @25FLONDON - Haha you seem to be the only one to have noticed it so far! (Or people are too nice to say I look like a loon LOL) Haha you should ask to try it on in store, I did that with Sin and fell in love :)

    @Supergirl - It is love def recommend checking it out :)

    @Maria - Would recommend! Although I do hear Deep Throat is better for pinker/lighter skintone.. so might be worth checking that out too! :)

    @Adrienne - Ah that makes me feel better thanks! Sin is a good alternative to Oasis, it's just a little less redder and no glitter at all :) DT is definitely on my wishlist too!

    @Rachel - Thanks lovely! :)

    @Emma - Thanks :)

    @Corrie - Oh god not you as well hahaha! Thanks though love :)

    @Shulamit - Haha I am well and truly in Team O, I've been wearing it everyday and I love it more each day!


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