Review: Sigma Miss Taylor Kabuki

A few weeks ago, Sigma sent me their Miss Taylor Kabuki brush as part of the Sigma Affiliates Programme. Since it's starting to get warmer and powdering is becoming more of a necessity, and with the holiday season coming up, I thought this might be a good time to review this baby :)

This brush retails on Sigma's website at $25 which works out at about £15 without the shipping. I've always found Sigma's shipping services to be really good, and even to the UK most parcels only take about a week, which is always a plus that doesn't put me off ordering from abroad :)

In terms of the product, it's basically the F80 in a purple tin. I love several things about this, but the packaging is something I'm a bit mixed about. I think the tin is a little bit cheap-feeling for £15, but the metallic purple is very flashy and nice. I also love how the casing functions. If you see the little bit sticking out at the bottom of the bristles, that actually comes up to cover up the bristles, therefore protecting them and making it really easy to put the lid back on.

L: Miss Taylor Kabuki, R: F80
As for the actual brush, it is almost exactly like the F80 in terms of the size, but it's just a little bit wider and also a little bit lighter. I feel like the bristles are thinner and it's not as densely packed, which I was really pleased about. It's a LOT easier to swirl than the F80, in that it doesn't drag on your skin and powder application is a lot nicer which I think is a must with a travel brush. With the F80, powder application was a bit too heavy for my liking. With the Miss Taylor Kabuki, I felt it wasn't as cakey and a lot more 'dusting'-like, which is what I prefer.

This also means that other powder products like blushes and bronzers work as well, which really did make this an excellent brush to have when I was away for a weekend, or just in my purse. Although the flat top was a bit difficult for bronzer/blusher, it was still do-able.

For size, it's not too big and would fit in most make-up bags. The lid is very secure so you can even throw it in your bag and you wont have the fear of the lid falling off and crushing the bristles.

L: Miss Taylor Kabuki R: F80

If I had to choose between this Miss Taylor (flat top) or Miss Audrey (round top), I think they both have pros and cons. Miss Taylor can be used for all absolutely anything, but I think powder, blush and bronzer may be better with Miss Audrey's round top. However, I think liquid foundation/blending out concealer is easier with a flat top. Miss Audrey is probably better for the purse and for touch-ups during the day, but Miss Taylor would be more universal cuz you could use it on weekends away and holidays for liquid foundation/concealer. Although I suppose you could use a round top for liquid foundation - it depends on what you need it for!

I was actually quite afraid to wash this, but I found that filling in the sink, and dipping the ends in the water was the best way to do it. Because there's a gap between the tin and the bristles, it's easy for water to get down there and near the roots of the bristles, so I made sure that the brush was always facing down - wasn't as hard as I thought :)

Overall, I'm impressed with this brush, as it's really well built, multi-purpose and it's really handy to have. I can see myself always having it in my make-up bag from now on, it's just so handy :)

The only downside, again, is the packaging which I think feels a bit cheap, so really the only concern is price - and that's the reason why I never bought it myself. However, if you can afford it, I say go for it - it's an incredibly handy brush to have, and it'd be very hard to go wrong with this! :)

Have you got one of the travel kabukis? Any other lusts from Sigma? :)

I'm hoping for the Travel Set in Nice for my holiday this year!



  1. I'm still to try the Sigma brushes, they look so lovely!
    Great review xx

  2. I really want to try any of the sigma brushes but I think I need to start saving up!!
    Thanks for the review x x

  3. Great review! I've never really used brushes before (bad, I know!) but waiting for my F80 to arrive so I'm pretty excited :D I love the purple colour of this one! xxx

  4. Ooh I'm glad you've done this because I've been wondering what this brush was like! I reckon I'd go for the Audrey if this one is so similar to the F80. It is nice though to be able to retract the brush, I'm always worried about ruining my brushes when I throw them in my bag for the day lol


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