Welcome - Let's start with an E.L.F Haul :)

Hi everyone!

Thanks for coming by my blog. It's my first ever post (duh), and it's always the awkward post because I dunno if I'm supposed to introduce myself or get on with it! I'll go with both and first start off by showing you my make-shift vanity - pictures speak louder than words sometimes!

As you can see, I'm an absolute make-up junkie (and apparently have a tilted head.. those fairy lights are wonky!) There's more in the first drawer, but that's for another time :)..

On to the November E.L.F Haul!
(I don't do a haul every month, the title's just an incentive not to do another one in Nov..)

The things that I got are..
E.L.F Elements Compact
E.L.F Elements Lips in Peach (left)
E.L.F Elements Cheek in Flushed (right)
E.L.F Super Glossy Lipshine SPF15 in Juiced Berry
E.L.F Brightening Eye Colour in Day2Night (top) & Rocker (bottom)
E.L.F All Over Color Stick in Golden Peach
E.L.F. All Over Cover Stick in Toffee
E.L.F. Duo Eyeshadow Cream in Black Licorice
E.L.F Lipstick in Seductive

All of these were £1.50, and with the £1 shipping code, I spent the whopping amount of: £16. AND I got it in 2 days. Brilliant haul all in all, so far the only things I seem to not be able to use is the Elements Lip in Peach, because it gives me hypothermia lips.. lame.

I think my favourite so far has been the lipgloss (as you'll discover, Super Glossy Lipshines are my favourite lipglosses of all time, so not surprising really). The lipstick has been a pleasant surprise, as I usually don't like dark lipsticks, and I also thought this one was going to be a corally pink (thanks to someone's swatch!). But as it turns out, it actually suits me! Finally, I've very much adored the compact primarily for this reason..
(From top left clockwise: MAC Honesty, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Tempting, MAC Beauty Marked)
 I know! It's so cheeky! I've depotted (after lots of trouble.. let's just say Beauty Marked now has 2 homes) and magnetized my MAC eyeshadows and put them in my compact. I have to say the size of the slots are a tad bigger than the MAC e/s but, who cares! You save £4. Also, the MAC compact doesn't have a mirror nor a space for an applicator.

I was also mega-cheeky, and took the magnets off the E.L.F Elements and stuck them on the back of these, and took the labels off the back of the MAC e/s pots and stuck them on the back of the compact. I plan on replacing the blush in Flushed if I go travelling etc., and hopefully get an unhypothermia-ic lip element by then as well!

Anyway, how did I do for my first post? Let me know :) Until then!



  1. Ooo I love your fairy lights! :)
    I bought an elf quad too yesterday because I just learned like 2 days ago you can put mac eyeshadows in them. :P
    Loved your first post

  2. Haha thanks! You're so lucky you can get ELF just in stores. Haha yeah, MAC is kinda losing on this front.. I just wish the compact was black.. I guess that's asking for much for $1 :P

  3. cool blog !!!
    thanks for the message on you tube !!
    can u comment on my blog news and MORE ?? plzz :) thanks byeee

  4. Hello!!!
    Wlcome to the blog world! I am pleased to have found your blog.
    The truth is that I have not tried ELF products yet but I may do it soon!!
    I want some fairy lights!!!

  5. Welcome to the blog world!!
    Great to find other make up addicts to chat!
    I've never tried ELF before, but it looks great. Amazing haul!

  6. Mela, Catanya and Beauty Addict,
    Thanks for your comments!

    Catanya and Beauty Addict - ELF is a really great brand, it's always a nice pick me up lol :) I have a video on my favourite ELF products on my YouTube if you ever need some help on choosing! :) Thanks again for your comments!


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