Review - Ted Baker Girliest Convenience Vanity Set

Since Ted Baker is a really popular brand, and there are loads of other gift sets that include products from this vanity set, I thought I'd do a review :).. especially for those wondering what to get people (or themselves) for Christmas! This set is like.. the almighty Ted Baker gift set that is available at Boots, and at the moment it's included in the 3 for 2 Christmas deal. But there are sets down to £10 with mini-sizes that would be perfect for stocking-fillers or friends :) The video on it will be attached at the end.

The products included are as follows:
  • Heavenly Cleansing Body Wash 300ml 
    • Lathers so nicely, a lot goes a long way, leaves you smelling gorge :)
  • Divine Relaxing Bath Soak 300ml 
    • Doesn't bubble up too great, you need to use a lot, packaging isn't easy to get a lot out of.
  • Heavenly Rich Body Souffle 250ml 
    • Light moisturisation, soaks into skin, love the smell!
  • Divine Moisturising Body Lotion 300ml 
    • Light moisturisation, awkward amount comes out with one pump (too much for just hands, not enough for body), not rich enough for coarse areas.
  • Heavenly Fragrance Body Spray 150ml
  • Divine Fragranced Body Spray 150ml 
    • Both Body Sprays have a light amount of fragrance, not as fragranced as perfumes so kind of dies away unless topping up either the Souffle or the Lotion with respective smells.
  • Divine Scented Candle 
    • Never used, doesn't really smell like the other Divine items :S
Scents: The Divine & Heavenly are distinctions of not only the colour of the case (dark and light respectively), but also the scent. Divine is more of a sugary sweet smell, while Heavenly is more of a fresh smell with a bit of a lemon-y tint. My preference is definitely the Heavenly :)

Packaging: The only complaint about the packaging would be the Body Lotion & Bath Soak as mentioned above. Otherwise, the design is suitable for the products, and aesthetically, they are so pretty, I love swirly patterns :)

The Vanity: I LOVE IT! The pattern is obviously a personal taste thing, but I personally find it very pretty, neutral, and appropriate for all age groups. There is a little pouch inside as well as rubber bands to keep items in place (see video), and these confuse me because they're not the right size for the products that come with the gift set.. so I'm guessing it's meant for use with other things :) Can't wait to travel with this one day!

Price: £40 - pricey, but there are other little gift sets that include mini versions of some of these products for as little as £10. These will give you the chance to try them out before you get full sizes/get them as gifts/stocking-fillers for other people :)

Rebuy? Well, not the whole set lol but I would rebuy the Body Wash for sure, and the other things don't jump off the page but I do like them, so I may! :)

I've also tried the Invigorating Sugar Scrub and that is my favourite exfoliator of all time! Definitely recommend :) The smell is from the Divine range.

What are your favourite 3 for 2's at Boots or Ted Baker products? :) Has anyone tried the make-up from them?


P.S. Thank you to my darling boyfriend from getting me this set :) LOOOOOVE <3


  1. Hey, I'm a new follower! Love your blog. Can't wait to read your posts! :)



  2. Aww thank you so much! I followed back :) Hope you enjoy!

  3. Great post, watched your video as well, thanks for the review!!
    I love the design on the box, its really pretty :)


  4. Hi! my name's martina and I come from Italy...I work in Perugia and my boss is English and he has given me a present: Ted Baker Girliest Vanity Set... In italy there aren't this what do you think about it???
    I would like you visit my blog and if you want...follow me!I wait you and your tips!!!kiss kiss ^^

    p.s. sorry for my english!

  5. @Boutique Amelia - Aww thank you so much for always commenting :) It's greatly appreciated!

    @La mi - I personally love Ted Baker and am willing to try any of his products, and I think that's why my bf has got me this set! I hope you enjoy yours! :)

  6. I love Ted Baker packaging! Great review =)

  7. I knowwww, it's always a close call between Ted Baker and BodyShop for me :) Thank you!


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