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Omgggg 20 followers?! I love you all :)

So since I've ventured into the world of blogs, I've noticed a massive increase in nailpolish content compared to YouTube, so I thought I'd give it a shot! I'm not a massive nailpolish fan, I used to be when that was the only 'makeup' my mom let me wear, so why not go back to my roots? :P
This is my usual storage.. really not that many! My favourites of the season go on top of my storage box..

So there's the gang! Really not that many in comparison to other gurus, and I know, a very limited range of colours - but that's what I like :) Let's get started..

The Clear&Neutrals:
(L to R: Beauty Nation Top Coat, CANMAKE Top Coat, 2True Top Coat, French BonBon No. 6, Nails Inc., Elizabeth Street, No7 Speed Dry in Coconut Ice 05 - definitely my fave out of the lot)

The Pinks&Reds:
(L to R: Yves Rocher Luminelle in Rose Reflets 03, Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish in 053 Apricot Punch - fave of the lot, Barry M Nail Paint 279 Bright Pink, Barry M Nail Paint 262 Bright Red)

The Purple&Plums (my favourites!):
(L to R: CANMAKE Colorful Nails No. 38, CANMAKE Colorful Nails No. 30, Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry No. 12 Minx, GOSH Nail Lacquer No. 064 Frou Frou, No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in No.50 Oyster, Nails Inc., in Jermyn Street - they're all faves!)

I'm currently wearing GOSH's Frou Frou and it's so.. so.. pretty! (Sorry for the chipped nails lol washing up SUCKS!)

The Blacks:
 (L to R: Missguided in Misfit - SO PRETTY, MUA in black..?)
A tip on Missguided's nailpolish - run a layer of nail polish remover over it to get the gold to come out more! :)

The Blue:
(Rimmel 60 Seconds in 825 Sky High - the only blue worthy of my nail collection ;P Wore it a lot springtime!)

This season's favourites is definitely my GOSH Frou Frou, Nails Inc Jermyn Street and Missguided's Misfit. The latter 2 I got for free from Glamour & Cosmo respectively so.. pretty good ey? :P

I do get quite picky with nail colours, and often do stick to what I like - I don't venture very much. My favourite way to have my nails is getting acrylic French Nails but I don't have £20 to spare all the time to get them done and they take ages to take off!

The main reason being, I don't like fussing around with nails! Unless the brushes are wide, the colour settles evenly, and it dries quickly, I don't like it. Which is why the Rimmel 60 Seconds, Missguided, and Gosh's Nail Lacquers are my favourites. Nails Inc. are alright when you keep it to 2 coats but anymore than that (which I am tempted to apply with the Elizabeth Street) and you're setting yourself up for being a living statue for hours! The Barry M Nail Paints are good.. but I got 2 completely wrong colours, and do not like either of them anymore.

Actually, a lot of these nail polishes I never wear anymore, and once I get more followers I will consider selling them off.

Anyway, I hope you found this interesting, I always like to look at people's collections to see if there's anything I wanna get or if there is a colour I've never seen before and would like to try out :)

So, ladies. What is your go-to nail polish this season? :)



  1. the barry m nail polish.. the hot pink one is so pretty!

  2. I love the blue one !
    Just followed you :D

  3. @Monica That's actually one that I don't use anymore! :) It's pretty, I think I just have a too dark of a skin tone for it..

    @Sara Yeah the blue one is brilliant for warm weather, I haven't used it since July though! :)


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