Review - E.L.F Luscious Liquid Lipstick

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Anyway, if you haven't noticed (as apparently many of you haven't lol) there's a poll on the right-hand side that asks you what kinda posts you'd like to see, and a gracious person has left me with the information that he/she would like a tutorial or a review.. so I decided to do a review on E.L.F's Luscious Liquid Lipstick :)

Basically what I'll do on my review blogs is to put up photos and swatches that I can't do on my YouTube, and summarize what I said in the video. Hopefully that adds a bit more strength to my videos, and help those who prefer to read over watch :) I'll put the video at the end of the post incase people would like more detail at the end.

I took some pictures and I tried to make them as representative as possible. Just as a reminder, my colour is in Bark :)

Formula: My lips are quite pigmented so it's quite a good job that this product got them as light as they are in the picture, but like I said in the video it's not pigmented enough to call it a lipstick. I do understand that it IS a "Liquid Lipstick" but I personally think they just called it that as a marketing strategy instead of calling it a lipgloss. The formula is lovely - I like it because it's not too watery, it's really smooth and it stays. It has a nice, soft, sweet minty smell that isn't too strong and it gives you a cool feeling on your lips.

Packaging: But it is HUH-YOOOOGE (huge) and SO tedious to put on! You'll know if you own one or if you watched the video that the directions on the side of the tube is way optimistic, you're looking at more like 30 or 40 times of twisting before your first use. And on top of that, everytime you apply it, you need to twist it and wait for the colour to come out about 3 times before you cover all your lips. But the sponge is comfy, good size and soft.

Price: Brilliant. £1.50/$1 - you can't ask for more. You do get a lot less than you think because of the aforementioned twisting episode before you start using it, but it's still.. £1.50.

Conclusion: I honestly think they shot themselves in the foot when they designed the packaging to make it look like you get loads, and relied on the title of a "Liquid Lipstick" to sell. I think they could make more profit with this if they just fixed the packaging, and called it a lipgloss! Because when I read reviews, they always talk about the crap packaging and the good, pigmented formula. Less people may be willing to try it out, but more people would rebuy.

Rebuy?: It's a shame really because if they had a different packaging, I'd rebuy it.. but until then, no rebuy for me!



  1. I like these elf glosses, they do get a good color on your lips and they are very inexpensive!

  2. I wouldn't disagree with that, I just think there are other lipglosses out there that do the same with less hassle in applying them! :) Thanks for following, off now to check out your blog! :)

  3. Great post. Followed. I enjoy tour blog, you might find mine good for you!

  4. Thank you very much :) I've had a look around your blog, some of your products look very appealing, the range of lipstick colours are brilliant! :)


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